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Front page headlines! Named among the best disability bloggers! Included on different panels! While I am in the corner blushing, checkout these various interviews, guest posts, and other items featuring me.

Awards and Recognition:

Zachary Fenell is an award winning blogger.“Inspirational.”

“You should be following.”

“Best disability bloggers.”

Quotations enclose the above phrases because rather than my words, they echo others’ statements. Recognition started coming to my blog in 2017. Since then the acknowledgements continued arriving. Every single one an incredible honor!

Making Headlines:

Additionally, over the years I enjoyed receiving press covering my different accomplishments. Achievements including completing a FULL marathon (26.2 miles) and publishing my CP memoir Off Balanced. Such attention enhances the experience surrounding each accomplishment.

I made front page news after completing my first full marathon!

Fenell anything but 'Off Balanced' (Sun News)

On the Air!:

Beyond the written platforms, I also possessed opportunities to share my story on the air! Whether an individual’s Youtube channel, formal podcasts, or mainstream morning radio, I am thankful. Every occurrence offers the chance to connect with new people.


An extension to the “On the Air!” links, I featured in a suicide prevention documentary A Tale of Two Mothers. The film explores the heartbreak two mothers encountered after losing sons to suicide. I supply supplemental insights, telling about a good friend I lost to suicide.

Guest blogging:

My relationship with Handicap This Productions began when I interviewed the duo for a story.

Guest blogging connected me with Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach, a duo better known as Handicap This!

Prior to becoming “The Cerebral Palsy Vigilante,” I attempted my hand at freelance writing. The transition from freelance writer to “The CP Vigilante” slowly emerged when I began penning guest blog posts. Feedback I received encouraged me to keep broadening my reach. Please do keep the responses coming.

Readers Respond to Off Balanced and More!

To see what readers and reviewers say regarding my CP memoir, visit the “Off Balanced” page. Stay updated on my latest happenings by subscribing to my blog. Simply fill out the ensuing form!

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