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Zachary Fenell has published two memoirs, Off Balanced and Slow and Cerebral.

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Slow and Cerebral

Slow and Cerebral by Zachary Fenell front cover

Slow and Cerebral is available at

Hoping to provide meaningful motivation I wrote Slow and Cerebral. The memoir tells my true-life triumphant tale about overcoming self-doubts and perceived limitations to accomplish the “unreasonable.” For me that meant not letting the neurological disability cerebral palsy stop me from becoming a marathoner.

Although technically about me, Slow and Cerebral goes beyond me. I want readers to see themselves in me. Draw parallels between my experiences and their own. Then grasp that connection to form an action plan which will help them to pursue the “unreasonable” in their lives.

Based off feedback I received from those who read the advance copy of Slow and Cerebral, the memoir will fulfill this purpose. Learn what readers had to say and preview Slow and Cerebral for yourself.

Off Balanced

The front cover of Off Balanced by Zachary Fenell

Off Balanced is available in paperback and for the Kindle and Nook.

I wrote Off Balanced to send one simple but powerful message, “You’re not alone.” My teenage memoir honestly and openly explores my emotional journey from embarrassment and shame over cerebral palsy to acceptance and even embrace. If you ever let cerebral palsy or another disability leave you feeling self-conscious, Off Balanced remains a MUST READ.

A bold claim, I know! A claim however reader feedback supports. Between reviews from Amazon* and Nook readers Off Balanced averages a 4.5-star rating.

Then factor in the praise from the media. For example,

Throughout this book, you experience the journey of almost crumbling under the pressure of being different and feeling like an outcast, to feeling liberated and ready to live life to the full!  You will smile, laugh, cry and cheer. -Michelle Fischer, Behind the Mic

Find out exactly what else readers and reviewers say about Off Balanced. Preview the memoir too. Just click here!

Rock Realities

Rock Realities Book Cover

Read Rock Realities on your Kindle or Nook.

I love music! Do you? If you answered yes, then I wrote Rock Realities for you! Download the book to your Kindle* or Nook and prepare for some real new music discovery!

Rock Realities compiles together 13 articles I wrote, each based off a phone interview with a different musician. Mostly I interviewed talented upcoming artists you NEED to know about.. Get to know artists such as The Blind Spots‘ Maddy Walsh, Jake Nielsen, Summertime Dropouts‘ Dave Erickson, Stacey Randol, and more!

See what the artists featured say about Rock Realities and preview the book for yourself all by clicking here.

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