Rock Realities

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Do you love music? I mean genuinely LOVE music. Listening to the same songs the radio plays over and over will not suffice. Or maybe you aspire to take your own music to another level. However, you remain uncertain how to begin. If either scenario describes you, I possess good news. I wrote you a book!

As the Cleveland Scene reported, I enjoyed the opportunity to interview 13 different musicians. I turned each conversation into a written article and compiled them into a collection titled Rock Realities. Read and get to know each artist. A discography accompanies each selection too. So when an artist intrigues you, you can easily find his or her music!

Real Talk, Fun for Everyone

Rock Realities provides exactly that, the rock realities for each musician interviewed. Maddy Walsh details the significant sacrifices she and her The Blind Spots band mates continuously make. Steve Mackin talks about the difficulties involved in parting ways with band mates not right for the group. Stacey Randol to use her own words, “gave one of those blunt interviews.”

I gave one of those blunt interviews to author, Zachary Fennell for his new book titled ‘Rock Realities.’ And it’s now…

Posted by Stacey Randol on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Steve Mackin on being interviewed for Rock Realities.

Steve Mackin’s comments on being interviewed for Rock Realities.

The aforementioned examples demonstrate why 30-year-plus music business veteran Alan Cross encouraged musicians to “become acquainted with some ‘rock realities.'” Those interviewed offered similar positive sentiments. Steve Mackin stated “Zachary was a pleasure to work with on his latest book, Rock Realities. His process for interviewing was thoughtful and fun.”

Given I enjoyed conducting the interviews and the artists enjoyed giving them, odds remain you will enjoy the read. All together you will find interviews with the following.

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Disclaimers- Interviews with a “**” next to them indicates articles re-published with minimum updates from the now defunct Yahoo! Voices website. Meanwhile a “+” represents articles adapted from previous published Yahoo! Voices pieces. The adaptions included extensive follow-up phone interviews with the respective artists.