Slow and Cerebral

Those who received advance copies of Slow and Cerebral described the book with words like passion and inspiring.

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Too often inspiration remains fleeting. Or worse, artificial. You or I say, “I’m inspired.” Yet our thoughts prove contradictory. Usually thinking, “I cannot do that!” A contradiction I seek to eliminate through my memoir Slow and Cerebral.

In Slow and Cerebral I welcome you along my journey to accomplish the “unreasonable.” Personally, that meant not letting the neurological disability cerebral palsy (CP) stop me from becoming a marathoner. The goal to walk 26.2 miles came to me in 2011 after feeling inspired to challenge myself physically.

Although, I dismissed the idea almost instantaneously. Given how I walk? My balance? The fact I fatigue faster than your average person. I considered the goal to walk a marathon and easily reasoned, “I cannot do that!”

Nevertheless, I became a marathoner. Exactly how I detail in Slow and Cerebral. Emphasize detail. Like Flexing Fatherhood’s Tim Wambach notes in his foreword for the memoir, “366 pages! My man went deep. I would expect nothing less. That’s who Zach is. Zach gives his all.”

In his foreword for Slow and Cerebral, Flexing Fatherhood's Tim Wambach notes "366 pages! My man went deep. I would expect nothing less. That's who Zach is. Zach gives his all."

Before continuing, allow me to clarify. While the book details how I became a marathoner, this is not a “how to” guide for preparing for a marathon. Instead, I share my experiences. Hoping you find a way to relate. Garner a takeaway which will help you pursue the “unreasonable” in your life. Based off early feedback, I am optimistic Slow and Cerebral will successfully fulfill this purpose.

Engaging, Passion, and Inspiring

Those who received advance copies of Slow and Cerebral offered enthusiastic feedback. U.S. Paralympian Ayden Jent commented in-part, “There is something for everyone to takeaway from this wonderful tale of determination, heartbreak, joy, and passion.” Going on to say, “He (Zachary) has certainly inspired me and I know he will do the same for you.”

Decorated race-walker Michael Mannozzi expressed similar sentiments. Mannozzi’s accolades include honors like 2020 Air Force Athlete of the Year and Olympic Trials Bronze Medalist. Regarding Slow and Cerebral, Mannozzi stated, “The ups and downs Zach faced had me on the edge of my seat.” Adding, “The book is remarkable. Relatable and inspiring!”

The memoir climaxes with me tackling the Towpath Marathon at Cuyahoga Valley National Park. A race organized by Canalway Partners. Current Canalway Partners Executive Director Mera Cardenas had the following to say about the book.

Canalway Partners Executive Director Mera Cardenas sums up Slow and Cerebral in one word, "Inspirational!"

While incredibly grateful for all the above praise, I encourage you to checkout Slow and Cerebral for yourself. Form your own opinions. Start by previewing the book.

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