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The front cover of Off Balanced by Zachary Fenell
Off Balanced is available in paperback and for the Kindle and Nook.

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Hi! Thank you for your interest in my cerebral palsy memoir Off Balanced. Available in paperback and on the Kindle or Nook, Off Balanced explores my emotional journey from embarrassment and shame over my mild cerebral palsy to acceptance and even embrace. I penned the memoir to send a simple but important message, “You’re not alone.”

Since the book’s release in December 2011 those with cerebral palsy, their parents, and their teachers among others continue to praise the memoir. Just take a look at what readers and reviewers say.

Readers & Reviewers Say:

“Unlike all the other autobiographies of writers with cerebral palsy I have read, this book does not focus on disability, the search for a cure or treatment systems. It is simply a well written, modern story of an ordinary, American teenager who happens to be disabled.”
– Sarah Ismail, Disability Horizons

Throughout this book, you experience the journey of almost crumbling under the pressure of being different and feeling like an outcast, to feeling liberated and ready to live life to the full!  You will smile, laugh, cry and cheer. -Michelle Fischer, Behind the Mic

“This is more than a book about Zachary Fenell but a book about principles and life decisions we all have to make whether in the valley of despair or on the housetop.” -Valerie Caraotta, Good Reads
Amazon Customer Review for Off Balanced

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