Trip Down Memory Lane

Predecessor’s Most Memorable Blog Posts

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Excitement consumes me as I sit typing this, the first post in my blog’s evolution! The past three plus years I spent blogging at Meanwhile I maintained a separate website ( dedicated to my freelancing efforts. Well today the two come together and become one! If anyone objects to said union speak now or forever hold your peace.

What a relief! I feared my old hosting company might barge through the metaphorical doors like a crazed ex, pleading me to take them back. Okay, I’ll digress. Back to the point!

By combining my blog and freelancing website into one I’m aiming to establish one singular destination I can call my cyber home. While I am pumped up about my new virtual home and what the future residing there will look like, I am not intending to forget the past. Instead I thought to pay a final tribute to listing what I consider my most memorable posts from the previous three plus years. Enjoy!

Trip Down Memory Lane

Alex choir concert controversy Sixth Grade Choir Photograph, Evidence of Discrimination?” 04-03-2012
Controversy stirred early 2012 when the photo to the right surfaced online. Outrage over what happened to Alex, the young man in the wheelchair, sparked great debate and the word “discrimination” entered the mix. After reading a couple different news stories on the event, I felt certain facts went overlooked. So I called attention to those on my blog, causing an engaging conversation in the post’s comments section. Triggering intelligent conversation on the controversy makes said post a memorable one to me.

Breaking Down Barriers with the Mentally Challenged” 04-06-2012
How about that? My next memorable Off Balanced post came a short three days later. Personal experience served as the catalyst behind the entry. Specifically I address a barrier between the average person and somebody mentally challenged/intellectually disabled. Strong belief behind my point earns “Breaking Down Barriers with the Mentally Challenged” a spot here.

Ability Starts with Attitude” 03-31-2013
Another post where personal experience acted as my muse! The Saturday afternoon I recall demonstrates two essentials to vibrant social inclusion. Essential one you can deduce from the post’s title. Yes, attitude. True quality friends provide the second essential. Finding the aforementioned friends may not come easily, but my post documents they exist! Hopefully my post can encourage anyone struggling to find those friends to keep on, keeping on.

Inside the Park Home Run Fun Walk

Participating in the 2014 Inside the Park Home Run Fun Walk left me getting serious about my half marathon goal.

Goal to Run a Half Marathon” 08-16-2014
Honestly, I included “Goal to Run a Half Marathon” because I considered naming my entire 2013 “Tracking New Year Resolutions” series cheating. Both represent using my blog to keep myself accountable while pursuing different goals. More importantly, by publicly tracking my goals I aspire to motivate my readers to keep working towards their own goals. Keeping myself accountable and at the same time trying to inspire my readers seems a memorable win-win.

2014 Year in Review” 12-21-2014
When I shared my 2014 recap post on Facebook I stated “This might be my most honest blog post to date.” That honesty makes the third last Off Balanced blog post one which will stand time’s endurance test and linger around in my memory. Additionally and most importantly to you readers, I now feel challenged to maintain such honesty moving forward in my blogging endeavors. Doing so should work to make my blog continuously memorable for you.

Thanks for reading. To new beginnings!

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