#CPChatNow Recap- 03-25-2015

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On National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day we in the #CPChatNow community put out the welcome mat and presented our second ever focus chat. Rather than inviting an external expert to answer questions, we served as the experts. After all who knows more about cerebral palsy than us? We live with the disability!

Anticipation built to see who might take us up on the invite to ask us questions about cerebral palsy. Anticipation turned to excitement when two familiar faces returned.

A Night of ReturnsBlake excelled at bringing people to the special Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day chat, recruiting friends.

Blake brought friendsOne re-occurring question dealt with challenges.

Cerebral Palsy ChallengesMore Cerebral Palsy ChallengesThe conversation transitioned to public transportation and bus safety.

Do you use the bus? Devin's bus safety tipsOne question many weighed in on involved our parents’ approach to raising us.

Is there anything you wish your parents would've done different?Dating with cerebral palsy also came up.

Dating with CPI shared a link to my Youtube video “Dating with Cerebral Palsy” to answer the question.

Preconceived judgments stand a big obstacle towards finding someone.

Cerebral palsy and unfair judgmentWith such an engaging dialogue going on I decided to play role reversal with Blake’s friends and ask them a question.

Turning the table on Blake's friendsSuch responses speak to a more general subject matter, friendship.

True friends Personally I hope Blake’s friends will join us again next week Wednesday, April 1st at 8pm ET as the countdown clock to #THEDECISION hits zero and Blake reveals his college choice.

April 1st is the decision #CPChatNow!#THEDECISION April 1stThank you to everyone who participated in last night’s special Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day chat. For the Extend-the-Conversation question this week, share something uniquely challenging in your life. Remember we all, us with CP and those without CP, face challenges!

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