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#CPChatNow Recap- 05-27-2015

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To borrow a line from the old TV show Cheers‘ theme song, “Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name.” My co-host Blake Henry and I along with our friends like to call that place the live weekly cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow. Every Wednesday at 8pm ET you can count on #CPChatNow for discussion and support. Last night we covered many topics, starting with handling long-term projects.

Any tricks on how to make time for long-term  projects?The long-term project advice naturally segued to a related topic.

Rewarding  YourselfMoving on, with participants in  different countries sometimes cultural differences lead to little funny moments. One such instance occurred last night.

What's Chipotle?What's Chipotle? CommentaryFriendly banter also sparked in comparing mortar board art.

Blake's mortar board- overcoming cerebral palsyDevin's Mortar Board- Super Crip

Mortar board comparisonOn a more cerebral palsy related subject matter, recommendations for shoes came up.

What shoes would you recommend?Back to a general issue, Alex asked about what websites you visit to find information.

What websites do you use to get information?#CPChatNow came to a close a little after 10pm ET. Fun for our community this week remains though! Tonight we hold our monthly Google Hangout. To inquire about getting on the invite list for the monthly Hangouts send me a direct message on Twitter or Facebook.

Shall we close out with an Extend-the-Conversation question? How long do you take to wear out shoes?

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