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#CPChatNow Recap- 06-03-2015

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Early on in the day Wednesday Blake, my co-host for the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow, tweeted out he would miss the evening chat.

Blake misses #CPChatNow Co-host or not the party must go on.

CPChatNow is a cyber partyPersonally something I found neat about last night’s chat involved members in our community demonstrating principles I’m used to hearing from motivational speakers. For instance,

Sleep is for the weak“Sleep is for the weak” gave me flashbacks to motivational speaker Eric Thomas’ video “Sleep is for Suckers.”

Like Eric says in his video, you do need some sleep (rest). What happens though when you can’t fall asleep?

Unable to fall asleep when exhaustedWhat do you do when you can't sleep?The other motivational speaker-esque principle brought up emerged when Devin spoke about a recent workout. Walking a milePersevere to succeedAgain I can point you to an Eric Thomas video (7:50 mark).

Moving on, a question raised asking how you handle a fall generated much conversation.

Is there something you do when you fall to make it seem you didn't fall?Learning to fall in physical therapy Beyond the motivational principles and cerebral palsy issues, we enjoyed some fun at one another expense plus chatted about the Stanley Cup and TV nostalgia.

Who watches Girl Meets World?Memorable Boy Meets World EpisodeNow if you enjoy reading the weekly #CPChatNow recap, try joining us one week, 8pm ET. For those not on Twitter, join the fun on Facebook. Go ahead and give us a like. Then answer the Extend-the-Conversation question. Share your most memorable fall! Do so in the comment section here or on Facebook.

See you next week!

#CPChatNow Excitement Level

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