#CPChatNow Exercise Focus Chat June 17th

#CPChatNow Recap- 06-10-2015

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Putting the cliche “better late than never” to the test, here comes your recap for this past Wednesday’s #CPChatNow. Remember the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow happens every Wednesday at 8pm ET.

The evening started slow, something expected given tweets from earlier in the day.

Early RSVPsMy co-host Blake did make the chat at a reasonable hour.

Blake ArrivesEventually activity began to pick up.

Busy being inspirational

Late ComingBefore getting to the Google Hangout announcement, Blake and I revealed our next focus chat.

June 2015 Focus Chat AnnouncementI went on to explain the reasoning behind “internal” experts and the tentative plan for focus chats moving forward.

The reasoning for internal expertsFocus chats plans moving forwardThe expert discussion led  to a quality conversation about advocacy.

AdvocacyRead Emily’s thought provoking piece “The Problem with the Need to Justify That Disabled People are Both Capable and Human.”

Moving back to #CPChatNow, Blake made our second announcement.

June #CPChatNow Google HangoutMessage me on Twitter to get added  to the invite list.

Blake additionally shared exciting news for himself personally.

Blake's New JobAnother interesting conversation emerged involving what you learned during the week.

What have you learned this week?Your turn to participate! Extend the conversation by answering “What have you learned this week?”

I hope if you can, you stop by this Wednesday when Erin leads us in a focus chat about exercising.

#CPChatNow Exercise Focus Chat June 17th

Join us on Twitter this Wednesday when Erin leads us in a discussion on exercise. Graphic created by Erin. M. Diericx


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