Father on parenting a child with cerebral palsy

Father On Parenting a Child with Cerebral Palsy

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“You just don’t get it.” Probably a commonplace thought among the cerebral palsy community. Sentiment at times geared to parents. Yet writing Off Balanced I realized the phrase converses. You could say I don’t get parenting a child with cerebral palsy. Or, at least I did not growing up.

Penning Off Balanced I aimed to provide the complete scenario. Obviously as MY memoir Off Balanced centers on my perspective. Still, I wanted to fairly portray the challenges my parents faced. Doing this, I came to appreciate my parents more. I recognized the delicacies to parenting a child with cerebral palsy. Whether my portrayal succeeded, only my parents can judge.

Then again, we can eliminate the need for judgment. What if I brought you their viewpoints directly? Their words straight to you! Well I am halfway there. Recently for a Youtube video I interviewed my father Bill. Like I say in the video, “He can’t get his side of the story wrong.”

Dad and I take a photo in front beatiful Tuscon scenery.

Dad and I in Tuscon, Arizona during a 2006 family vacation.

Those seeking to learn more about parenting a child with cerebral palsy, rejoice. Today you receive a lesson from life’s best teacher. Experience! Watch my father speak on multiple issues.

Among these he discusses fighting for my rights. The example he gives demonstrates his love. Simultaneously should also make you laugh. Additionally he tells what he would title a memoir about parenting a child with cerebral palsy.

Interestingly, bringing Dad on camera remains ironic. During the interview he even describes his parental role as “behind the scenes.” While my mother Terri played the visible role. So the irony deals with the literal role reversal.

Although by video end said reversal wound up undone. Yes! You will enjoy a cameo from my mother too. She adds her insights to the following topic. Name the traits to look for in a doctor.

Combined, my parents’ input makes the video a MUST WATCH. Hit play (or click here if reading via email) and educate yourself on parenting a child with cerebral palsy.

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