Brothers Bond Despite Cerebral Palsy

Brothers Bond Despite Cerebral Palsy

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Sisters or brothers bond uniquely. Indeed siblings share an extraordinary relationship. You may not always get along. Yet when needed, you come together.

Varying factors shape each sisters or brothers bond. A cerebral palsy diagnosis proves one possible factor. Does the extra attention CP demand create jealously? Might doctor appointments or therapy sessions cause scheduling conflicts, thus also resentment?

Growing up the latter stood a potential issue for my brothers and me. As I explained in Off Balanced, I received private physical therapy. Each week my private therapist came to our family’s house for the sessions. You could call those my timid years. Embarrassed about my differences, I attempted to hide my CP.

One hiding method involved not wanting my brothers inviting friends over during my PT. Did said schedule restriction fracture our brotherly bonds? Well, that only they could tell you.

Fortunately my younger brother Nick and I recently discussed the matter. With cameras rolling! Watch Nick give his take on the situation. Plus we chatted about a lot more!

My younger brother Nick and I goofing off.

Nick and I as kids, goofing around and dancing. You’ll notice our older brother Bill standing in the background, unimpressed.

Nick compares our brothers bond to his bond with our older brother Bill. Through comparing Bill (an abled-body) and I, Nick determines whether CP played a role in our brotherhood. Perhaps you will relate to his insights.

Additionally Nick and I reflect on the 2015 Lake View Cemetery A Run Through History 5k. My very first 5k! An experience I documented in both a Youtube video and blog post. Now you can learn Nick’s takeaway from the event too. Click play to reveal.

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