Zachary Fenell reveals what he deems the most harmful misconception impacting self-esteem.

The Most Harmful Misconception Impacting Self-Esteem

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Different misconceptions could damage your self-esteem. Exposing one in-particular might just help eliminate your self-doubts. Those pesky thoughts sabotaging your pride! Self-talk running interference, costing you confidence. Internal ideas holding you back from achieving your fullest potential. “OKAY ZACHARY!” you probably prove ready to yell at your screen. You get the point. Now you want…

Read More celebrates World CP Day by welcoming guest blogger Lindsey Pasieka who shares her dos and don'ts when encountering someone with cerebral palsy.

World CP Day: Dos and Don’ts When Encountering Someone with Cerebral Palsy (Guest Post)

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Every year in early October advocates in the cerebral palsy (CP) community worldwide come together to promote CP awareness. The international movement known as World CP Day offers a great platform to provide an education on the often misunderstood condition. This year I am honored to commemorate World CP Day by welcoming guest blogger Lindsey…

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