5 birthday reflection questions you should ask!

Birthday Reflection Questions You Should Ask!

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Birthdays seem a fitting time to reflect. Around this time last year you may recall I wrote an entire post on the matter. With my birthday here again I wish to revisit. Prepare for birthday reflection questions that will empower you! The following questions I personally used to contemplate my past year.

Given my blog’s re-focus on cerebral palsy issues I will keep my personal reflections CP related. Anyone though could answer these questions.

Birthday Reflection Questions

What Stands Out?

Your answer to this question tells what you deem important. Identifying importance will guide you in future prioritizing.

I worked the Handicap This booth at the 2015 Chicago Abilities Expo.

Tim Wambach and I ready for an exciting day at the Chicago Abilities Expo.

When I think back on my year, two events come to mind. First the Chicago Abilities Expo stands out. Meeting in-person families impacted by disabilities reinforced my motivation to advocate. We need positive perspectives to combat widespread negative disability perceptions.

Secondly I think about my high school reunion. High school graduation set me on a path to embrace my cerebral palsy. Therefore I valued the chance to show old classmates my confident self.

What Did You Accomplish?

Accomplishments appear in varying forms. Traditionally we associate accomplishments with major milestones. Yet you can also find accomplishments in small actions. Allow me to cite examples for each.

Adding an epilogue to my memoir Off Balanced I classify a major accomplishment. About the aforementioned reunion, the epilogue delves deep into what I call an epiphany. Find out more details about the addition!

Meanwhile maintaining a regular exercise schedule exemplifies a smaller accomplishment. Not often we celebrate maintenance as achievement. However imagine the progress you lose without maintenance. Plus never underestimate the momentum upkeep can build.

What Went Right?

Celebrating accomplishments establishes positive mindset. Recognizing what went right facilitates continued positivity. So figure out what steps enabled your success.

For me my achievements sprouted from weekly and daily goals. Once I decided to write an epilogue, I spent 90 minutes a day on the task. By late February the addition went live on the Kindle and Nook.

A goal to exercise twice a week powered my fitness triumph. On days I exercised I marked my calendar with an “E.” A tactic ensuring an accurate count!

What Went Wrong?

Until now these birthday reflection questions encouraged. Nevertheless we must address a harsh reality. Plans possess a tendency to unravel. Hence you must ask, what went wrong?

Determining what went wrong feels unpleasant. Fight through the discomfort! Pinpointing errors remains critical for our final question.

How Can You Move Forward Better in the Next Year?

These last two birthday reflection questions will get you moving forward better.Constructively reflect on what went wrong. Ponder, how can I move forward better? Identify pitfalls and strategize how to avoid them.

Purchasing a new pedometer from Dicks Sporting Goods liberated me. Suddenly I possessed a tool to track my half marathon training’s progress. I wished I made the purchase sooner. More timely responses could move me forward better.

You Tell Me!

You tell me! What birthday reflection questions do you ask? I am seeking new questions to incorporate into my next reflection. Please share by commenting.

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