GDPR Compliant- What You Need to Know!

GDPR Compliant- Vigilante Justice From Within the System

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Thanks to new European law entering effect today, Friday, May 25th, 2018, privacy policy stands a spotlighted topic. You probably noticed the seemingly endless “Privacy Policy Updates” emails overtaking your inbox. All this stems from efforts to remain GDPR compliant. GDPR abbreviates General Data Protection Regulation.

With that explained, various potential thoughts could occupy your mind currently. Maybe the assorted privacy policy talk feels unnecessary. “I just want to browse the web like I always do.”

If you live under Old Glory like me, confusion may surface. “You said this was a European law. Why are Americans being impacted?”

Perhaps my mentioning GDPR takes you by surprise. “You run a personal cerebral palsy blog as an AMERICAN blogger! Why bring GDPR up?” In short, I am taking the proper actions to personally stay GDPR compliant.

Cerebral Palsy WORLDWIDE

Admittedly my knowledge related to GDPR I mostly obtained reading Smart Blogger contributor Paul Long’s piece “What the Heck is GDPR? (And How to Make Sure Your Blog is Compliant)” Oppose to butchering Long’s insights via poor paraphrasing, allow me to directly quote him. Amidst the quoted passage you will uncover the answers to your “but America” questions.

If you blog about childcare in San Francisco, then I’d argue that you’re on pretty solid ground. It doesn’t have any obvious relevance to EU consumers, and it would seem fair to argue that you don’t ‘envisage offering a service’ to them.

On the other hand, blog on a subject that’s not limited by location (such as the cool new features on the iPhone X), and that argument might not fly. Your content is just as relevant to EU consumers as it is to anyone else, and you probably have no real intention of limiting your readership.

Cerebral palsy impacts people and their families worldwide. Therefore my advocacy activities apply to Europeans.  Resultantly I am best suited towards positioning myself as GDPR compliant.

Vigilante Justice From Within the System!

Sure, my moniker “the CP Vigilante” might suggest a disregard relating to the system.  Vigilantes possess an advantage through operating outside legal authority. No burdening bureaucracy.

Yet I refuse to consider GDPR a burden. I strongly believe in your privacy rights and security. Thus I am happy to comply and provide you a privacy policy detailing the personal data collected here at Please take a moment to read.

In case you want to unsubscribe to my blog, you can easily do so.Perchance any subscribers wish to unsubscribe, you can easily do so. On every email you receive courtesy your subscription you should see an “Unsubscribe” option listed near the bottom. Simply left click.

Meanwhile not left clicking reconfirms your subscription. I am glad to keep you an ally in my mission to educate and dispel cerebral palsy misconceptions in a fun, engaging way. Now GDPR compliant, I am able to continue serving vigilante justice but while within the system.

Until next post remember. Do not blend in. Blend out!


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