CP Awareness with a Celebrity Twist!

CP Awareness with a Celebrity Twist!

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The following post contains Amazon affiliate links. These links to books will help you fulfill my CP awareness recommendation, “Get to know the individuals with cerebral palsy.” As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

To begin, know this post will not cover actual celebrities with cerebral palsy (CP). Names ranging from actors RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad) and Micah Fowler (Speechless) to the multi-talented Maysoon Zayid and Zach Anner. Individuals whom through their profiles help to raise CP awareness.

Instead the “celebrity twist” alluded to in the title arrives via my own CP awareness efforts. Effort involving creativity and thoughtfulness. Creativity to appeal to those outside the cerebral palsy community. Hopefully, helping to familiarize outsiders with the disability.

Concurrently, thoughtfulness ensures my “CP awareness” possesses substance. Rather than simply serving as that trendy buzzword. A word echoed around Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, National CP Awareness Day, and World Cerebral Palsy Day.

Risking sounding self-conceited, my endeavors already transcend the above CP awareness occasions. Year round, over the last six years I sought raising CP awareness by impersonating celebrities. Whether a specific person like Richard Simmons or Eminem. Or, a fictional character such as Elwood Blues or Batman.

So far to date my celebrity impression series totals 15 videos. Each one pondering, “If [Insert Name] had cerebral palsy…” Today I wish to highlight a handful. A mix between the most liked impersonations and the ones I believe hold incredibly valuable takeaways. Enjoy!

If Rocky Balboa had cerebral palsy…

Oppose to a straight up impression, my “If Rocky Balboa had cerebral palsy…” video acts as a Rocky inspired exercise montage. Footage includes various stretches, range in motion exercises, and muscle building activities. For example, weightlifting and pullups. In the video’s outro I explained at one time I could not do a single pullup or lift anything above a 15-pound dumbbell. Through seeing how much I progressed, I hope others gain encouragement. To keep persisting no matter the obstacle.          


Picture the scene. The camera’s red light goes on. Legendary pitchman Billy Mays walks towards the camera and releases his signature greeting. Yet with a twist. “HI! BILLY MAYS HERE FOR CEREBRAL PALSY AWARENESS!!!” Following up, he would emphasize CP differs for each person with the condition. Therefore, the best CP awareness involves getting to know the many individuals with CP. Enter the pitch to read books like John W. Quinn’s Someone Like Me: An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy. Or, my memoirs Off Balanced and Slow and Cerebral.      

If Gary Vaynerchuk had cerebral palsy…

Gary Vaynerchuk, affectionately known to his fan base as Gary Vee, built his star power hustling and giving honest advice. A platform where he gives said advice, his Youtube show #AskGaryVee. Although if Gary Vaynerchuk had cerebral palsy, I imagine the show may possess a different purpose. Plus go by a different name, #AskAboutCP. People able to write in with their cerebral palsy related questions. A perfect way to enhance CP awareness!        

If Bob Ross had cerebral palsy…

A big reason CP awareness proves important remains the existing stigma surrounding the disability. Too often individuals perceive cerebral palsy negatively. Making iconic artist Bob Ross’ positive mindset an ideal foil. Ross’ wisdom “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents” or “It’s your world. You decide” works to make living with cerebral palsy a more pleasant experience.

If John Cena had cerebral palsy…

Meanwhile WWE great John Cena might respond to the negative cerebral palsy perceptions differently. Calling them out! Similarly, to the avenue he took with rivals such as The Rock and AJ Styles.  Exposing empty “inspirational” praise as actually pity. Continuing, noting challenges and obstacles cerebral palsy creates should not induce pity. Rather challenges and obstacles develop character. Essentially, cerebral palsy enables Cena to say “The Champ is here.”    

For Additional CP Awareness Fun

By chance you enjoyed the above videos, checkout my Youtube channel for more. As noted earlier, I am at 15 impersonation videos and counting. After watching, come back here and leave a comment. Let me know your favorite. Also, feel free to suggest what character or celebrity I should do for a future video.

Until next time, remember. Don’t blend in. Blend out!


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