Secret to keep your New Year resolutions.

The Secret Behind Keeping New Year Resolutions

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Remember January 1st, all that excitement about the New Year and how you will use the year to better you? Now 24 days later feels like 24 weeks, right? Going back to the daily grind all but turned your enthusiasm and New Year resolutions into faint memories. Haunting memories making you feel like a failure.

Buck up buddy! I know the feeling but I’m also learning a new feeling too, more on the latter a little later. First, I want to bond over frustrations and lost enthusiasm. To demonstrate how the daily grind suffocated my enthusiasm I will use my website as an example.

My Old Website

PrtSc capturing my website before I moved to Dreampress.

Sometime between late 2009/early 2010 I launched the original . Proud I enthusiastically shared the site with family and friends. As time passed though, I began feeling inferior about my website. Due to the web design I found the site inadequate for blogging. Therefore I set up a domain to blog from. Yet that only sparked a deeper inferiority complex.

The deeper I delved into blogging, the more I read about how serious bloggers shouldn’t use domains. I received suggestions to go out and purchase the rights to the domain. However, I didn’t want to finance two different domains. I already owned

So I continued blogging under the domain, settling for the situation I put myself in. Last year when I decided to analyze and address my chronic time management issues, suddenly I found myself battling self-doubt.

Since my blog did not produce direct income, I struggled to justify all the hours I put forth towards blogging. Adding Google AdSense ads to my site could assist my case to continue blogging, but you can’t place such ads on domains.

Meanwhile I applied to enroll into the Amazon Associate program, a program where you link to Amazon and can earn a small cut when individuals buy from Amazon after following your link. Well I received approval into the program in April 2014. My plan to utilize my Amazon Associate membership involved creating a page featuring products I previously written about and I recommend.

Guess what? I didn’t implement said plan into action until earlier this week when I added the “Recommended Buys” page to here, the new I let eight plus months pass! Do you know why? I kept telling myself “I have other things to do.”

Secret to keep your New Year resolutions.

Keep reading for the secret to keep your New Year resolutions.

Okay, I’m almost ready to transition to the previously mentioned new feeling. Glance at the bold terms: “I have other things to do,” “self-doubt,” “settling for the situation,” and “inferiority complex.” I’m predicting you could apply these words to your waning New Year resolutions. With other things to do you stop pursuing your resolutions, causing you to settle for the situation. Settling leads to self-doubt and an inferiority complex.

On the other hand I am experiencing an unfamiliar feeling called awe. I’m in awe at myself, thinking “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” The “this,” changing web hosts so I could combine my blog and website to establish a singular online hub for myself. Let me tell you, awe easily bests self-doubt and inferiority.

Do more than take me at my word though, I encourage you. Instead use the following secret to re-energize your enthusiasm and crush your resolutions.

Make time.

I’m in awe because in December’s final 15 days I spent two hours every other day working on this website. That time spent positioned me where I am now, possessing an awesome website I’m eagerly showcasing to the world.

Certainly some readers out there will think “But I don’t really have the time, really!” My response, if important enough, you’ll MAKE time.

What resolution will you keep using my secret? To those without the time, I encourage you to email me (contact [at] I’ll enjoy the challenge in brainstorming ways you can MAKE time to own your 2015 resolutions.

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