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#CPChatNow Recap 01-28-2015

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After much thought I am deciding to resurrect the weekly recaps for the live #CPChatNow Twitter chats. Every Thursday I will post here my best attempt to capture the previous evening’s highlights. Now I say attempt because our chats always seem to trigger deep conversations, deep and humor filled.

"You Know Why I'm Here" tweet

Devin responds to why I'm hereActually I come because #CPChatNow continues to offer an awesome community for those with cerebral palsy (CP).

Brandon consoles BlemiPlus the conversation helps to answer the questions others with CP want answered.

Driving with cerebral palsyI don't drive due to my cerebral palsyBlemi and Blake driveYasmin does not driveNot to name drop, but do you remember comedian Maysoon Zayid (@maysoonzayid)? Her hilarious TED Talk became wildly popular last year. She loves to join in the CPChatNow dialogue.

Maysoon Zayid loves CPChatNowLast night also saw multiple new faces participate.

Jen is new to CPChatNowAjani is new to CPChatNow tooBlake loves CPChatNow's new facesO’Ryan (@ORyanCase) shared a really cool sign he saw on the train.

Accessible Seating Train SignThat led me to inform the newcomers about our ongoing train joke.

CPChatNow Ongoing Train JokeCPChatNow Train Joke ExplainedHannah (@Han_Pike) undergoes major surgery tomorrow morning. On CPChatNow’s behalf, I wish her the best. Stay strong!

Until next week!

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