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#CPChatNow Recap 02-18-2015

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One week removed from the very first #CPChatNow focused chat and the ceeps gathered once more. As usual we began by catching up on the past week.

What good have we done this week?With the continuous snowfall, Blake saw a business opportunity.

Blake's shoveling businessBlake’s Hulk Hogan reference left me experiencing a flashback to October.

Hulk Hogan flashbackGetting back to a serious note, Yasmin shared feedback on how she felt last week’s focused chat went.

Focused Chat FeedbackMake sure to catch those good points by reading the focused chat recap. Back to last night though! A familiar face popped in to give an update on her recovery from surgery.

Hannah gives recovery update.The dialogue became engrossing when mentoring kids with cerebral palsy arose as a topic.

Mentoring kids with cerebral palsyBlemi answers mentorship questionSoon the conversation turned more to kids and how they react to cerebral palsy.

How Erin explains speech Kids curious about cerebral palsyMy take on kids asking questionsHowever, not everyone agreed. Maysoon Zayid vocalized her objection.

Maysoon Zayid disagrees about kids asking questions to strangers.Dangerous precedentDebate waged on in a friendly fashion. Props to the #CPChatNow community for debating a complex topic in a civil manner. Discussions like last night’s makes the live Twitter chat an enjoyable experience.

On a final programming note next week will host two #CPChatNow  opportunities. First the usual live Twitter chat Wednesday at 8pm EST. Secondly on Thursday, the #CPChatNow Google Hangout returns (also 8pm EST)!

CPChatNow Google Hangout¬† If you can’t make the hangout, don’t worry because the hangout will become a monthly endeavor.

Plans for monthly Google HangoutsCPChatNow Promotional ImageIMPORTANT- Invites will get sent out privately through my #CPChatNow Google+ circle. Direct message me on Twitter to ensure this includes you,



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