Zachary reviews Ink in the Wheels by Barton and Megan Cutter

Book Review: Ink in the Wheels by Barton & Megan Cutter

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Recently I finished Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll* by Barton and Megan Cutter. Ink in the Wheels explores Barton and Megan’s relationship together, from their first meeting and initial blissful glee to the heated arguments and uncertain future. Every excerpt begins by accrediting whether said excerpt comes from Barton or Megan.

Ink in the Wheels by Barton and Megan Cutter

Book cover for Ink in the Wheels by Barton and Megan Cutter

Now Barton and Megan’s status as an inter-ability couple makes their love story more intriguing than your average couple. Barton’s cerebral palsy adds challenges the average couple doesn’t face. Challenges that led their families and supposed support services to advise Barton and Megan against marriage. Advice you could argue if followed, would’ve prevented the previously mentioned heated arguments and uncertain future.

Here the book proves genius possessing an ability to connect with anyone, albeit someone single, in a relationship, able-bodied, or disabled. Truly Barton and Megan’s insights transcend relationship status and diagnosis. Their love memoir also holds merit as a motivational memoir, encouraging readers to trudge through life’s most difficult times.

For example, Barton shares how he became unhappy working what he at one point envisioned his dream job. This presents only one instance where Barton or Megan struggles with changing interests. These experiences embody a greater theme. As human beings our needs and interests in life will without doubt evolve. To ensure our happiness and sanity we must adapt to fulfill our growing needs and interests.

Another powerful selection comes when Barton writes about a suicide attempt he thankfully at the last moment bailed on. Such personal entries allow the reader to get to know both Barton and Megan on a very personal level. Other topics covered which work to do the same includes what masculinity means to Barton, what femininity means to Megan, and them contemplating divorce.

CPChatNow Cerebral Palsy and Relationships Focused Chat graphic

Look at their smiles and eyes. Don’t they say “We love each other?”

Reading about these ordeals came to me as a huge surprise. Last month Barton and Megan joined us at #CPChatNow for our first focused chat, the topic cerebral palsy and relationships. In creating a graphic to promote the chat I remember thinking Barton and Megan look like a perfect couple. Their smiles and eyes in their photograph sent the message “We love each other.” However the photograph fails to make evident how much effort Barton and Megan exerted over the years to maintain their love.

In closing I again want to emphasize how Ink in the Wheels transcends ability or relationship status. Whether a relationship, professional endeavor, or something else the most worthwhile things in life will take much effort. Let Barton and Megan Cutter teach you the efforts pay off via the reward. Don’t quit on your relationship, that career goal, or whatever endeavor you currently pursue. Read Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll*.

Review at a Glance: A- (Highly Recommended)



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