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#CPChatNow Recap- 03-04-2015

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Another Wednesday evening gone means time for another #CPChatNow recap. Remember the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat takes place every Wednesday at 8pm EST. This week saw a John W. Quinn sighting!

John W. Quinn sighting!For those who just joined the #CPChatNow community over the last few months, John holds distinction as a #CPChatNow co-founder. John along with Handicap This Productions‘ Tim Wambach and I hosted the very first #CPChatNow discussion back in December 2013. I do highly recommend John’s book Someone Like Me: An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy.*

Additionally John put out a great Youtube video recently where he talks about how to handle  people who laugh at your cerebral palsy.

In 2014 a busy schedule led John to step down from co-hosting #CPChatNow. Busy schedules also kept some #CPChatNow regulars from participating this week.

Alena has homeworkDevin has homework too

Homework stifling the groove

Still we enjoyed a thriving conversation. Blemi peaked interests when she brought up a new spasticity clinic.

Spasticity Clinic

More about spasticity clinics

I asked about people’s choices in devices when participating in #CPChatNow.

What device do you use to participate in #CPChatNow?What device do you use to participate in #CPChatNow? Part 2 The answers transitioned the conversation to using technology in general.

Cerebral palsy and trouble with technologyAnn’s  hash tag #Aimlikeastormtrooper triggered dialogue about her Twitter handle.

Using humor to dispell negative wordsNot seeing the cerebral palsy

#CPChatNow Excitement Level

#CPChatNow brings excitement to every Wednesday evening, 8pm EST on Twitter.

Those final comments from Ann deserve repeating.

“I don’t ask people to not see my disability after meeting me, rather I hope they see my interests & personality.”

We live with cerebral palsy but we do not need to define ourselves by that. Moving forward I think I will include an extend the conversation question at each recap’s end. To start, from your interests, which stands out the most? Leave a comment!


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