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#CPChatNow Recap- 04-01-2015

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Six weeks hyping my #CPChatNow co-host Blake Henry’s college decision, what our community came to call #THEDECISION, came to a close last night. Earlier in the afternoon Blake gave out his options.

Blake's college optionsThe countdown to 8pm ET ticked down.

Countdown to #THEDECISIONAs the live chat began Blake informed us he will reveal his choice at 8:30pm ET.

8:30pm ET RevealFinally at 8:30pm ET the anticipation came to a end.

And Blake's decision is...Jenna reacts to Blake's announcementI commented on seeing Jenna back this week for Blake’s decision. That led to compliment tag between the two friends.

Jenna and Blake play compliment tag. Seeing Jenna back I also took the opportunity to build off her comment last week.

“A person is a person no matter the difference in appearance. It pains me to see the judgment.”

Handicap This says "Judgment not allowed!"#CPChatNow received the “judgment not allowed” motto warmly.

Reaction to judgment not allowedIn addition to #THEDECISION and talk about judgment Jen asked a question about something she experiences.

Jen's question Personally I think last night’s chat demonstrated #CPChatNow’s great positives. The support and encouragement we supply each other makes us a true community, one that extends beyond Twitter and social media. More and more members continue to work together to meet in-person, like Devin and Susanne.

Devin and Susanne will meetIf you want to join our lovely community, join us for our live Twitter chat. We hold them every Wednesday at 8pm ET. Those not on Twitter can join the fun by liking our Facebook fan page. There you can catch all the recaps plus much more!

Time to sign off with this week’s Extend-the-Conversation Question. Share a time you unfairly judged somebody. How did you grow from that experience?

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      I’m glad you found us too Erin. Your enthusiasm for #CPChatNow has made you an important part of the community.

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