Read my letter to my cerebral palsy at The Mighty.

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National Cerebral Palsy (CP) Awareness Month last month motivated me to go out and write guest posts for other blogs. Back in early 2012 I made a concerted effort through guest blogging to build up my name and let people know about my cerebral palsy memoir Off Balanced. Guest blogging even led to future clients (Think Inclusive and Handicap This Productions).

Invigorated by National Cerebral Palsy Awareness month I returned to Laura Forde’s Life of the Differently Abled blog to write another guest post. Plus I ventured into new territory, writing posts for The Mighty and CP Teens UK. Below you will find a synopsis for each post along with corresponding links. See “Links” under the navigation menu to checkout my guest post archives plus more.

Life of the Differently Abled- “Zach’s Thoughts on Creating Cerebral Palsy Awareness

In my most recent Life of the Differently Abled post I explore how we in the cerebral palsy community can better position CP Awareness Month so we can make the initiative more successful. Imagine how much awareness we could raise if Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month received as much attention as Breast Cancer Awareness Month does in October. Specifically my post shares two social media tips which can increase CP Awareness Month’s outreach.

Read my letter to my cerebral palsy at The Mighty.The Mighty- “Dearest Cerebral Palsy: Thank You (Really)

Throughout March The Mighty offered a really cool opportunity to write a letter to your disability. Once I came across the concept I felt compelled to write one. The feedback to my letter amazed me! Multiple people told me they wrote their own letters after reading mine. Some submitted their letters to The Mighty too. Meanwhile others wrote for personal release.

CP Teens UK- “The Need for Awareness Within

First let me say how impressed I am with CP Teens UK founder Ellie Simpson. Via CP Teens UK she continues to make a great impact for the cerebral palsy community over in the UK. She proves very patient too! Ellie first offered me the opportunity to guest post for her when she launched CP Teens UK in October 2013. I only waited 19 months to deliver!

To watch how the site grew over those 19 months makes me proud to contribute. My contribution discusses how we can become better cerebral palsy advocates by familiarizing ourselves with more individuals with CP. Make sure to take a look! Also enjoy Ellie’s other CP Teens UK posts while visiting.

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