Anti-Bullying Focus Chat

#CPChatNow Recap- 04-08-2015

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One week removed from #CPChatNow co-host Blake Henry’s college choice (#THEDECISION) and the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat continues to gain momentum. Like always the fun started Wednesday evening when the clock struck 8pm ET.

Hello #CPChatNow Seeing Alex back proved joyous.

Happy to See AlexAlex caught up with everyone by asking about their 2015 so far.

How is 2015 treating you?Blake shared exciting news which stirred up conversation.

Ceeps meeting upMeeting UpPersonally, I love these in-person meetings! They emphasize the tagline listed on the CPChatNow Facebook cover photo “Making real connections using social media.”

Now to go back to Alex’s question about 2015, I must point out Blake’s sarcasm-laced response served as a foreshadowing to his slap happy mood. His humor really took over when I goofed revealing our advertised announcement for the evening.

Announcement anticipationCan you spot the aforementioned goof up?

Failed April Focus Chat  AnnouncementCorrect! I did not include the hashtag “#CPChatNow” in my tweet. Without the hashtag tweets don’t become visible to the entire group and confusion arises.

Confusion over announcementThanks to Erin I realized my mistake and made the announcement again.

Corrected AnnouncementThe mention about birthdays in the initial failed announcement sparked friendly competition over what month holds the best birthdays.

April birthdays represent hollaBlake’s playfulness really came out when Jenna chimed in.

Jenna joins because we're interestingEventually through all his humor Blake ended up leaking an announcement we originally planned to share next week.

Bonus Announcement!

Anti-Bullying Focus Chat

Nationally traveled anti-bullying speaker Tony Bartoli joins #CPChatNow Wednesday, April 22nd for our next focus chat.

The dialogue continued a little while after that, mostly with us who grew up in the 90s reminiscing about pogs, Power Rangers, Goosebumps, and 90s trash talk. You know, great lines like “Talk to the hand” and “That’s my name. Don’t wear it out.”

Time to wrap up today’s recap though. Answer the Extend-the-Conversation question by commenting. How has 2015 treated you? Yes, I’m recycling Alex’s question from last night.

Make sure to join our fun next week!

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