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#CPChatNow Recap- 05-13-2015

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The community known as the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow enjoyed engaging conversation Wednesday, May 13th. We discussed various topics, starting with whether a correlation exists between cerebral palsy and high blood pressure.

May there be a connection between CP and high blood pressure?Another subject brought up dealt with asking for help and if that makes you feel defeated.

Do you feel asking for help is defeat?As you will notice the asking for help question led back to a discussion from last week, apologizing for your disability.

Apologizing for your disabilitySee last week’s recap for more on the apologizing for your disability dialogue. Read the catalyst for the discussion too, Emily Ladau’s blog post “Sorry, I’m Not Sorry for Using My Wheelchair.”

Moving on my co-host for #CPChatNow Blake Henry went to prom the past weekend. Inevitably the prom subject came to the forefront.

Blake's prom Blake's prom phtoSharing prom photosThe trip down memory lane began.

Blemi's prom photoBrandon's prom photoThose who read my memoir Off Balanced know I regrettably did not go to my prom. Still I found a way to stroll down memory lane last night with the others.

Prom regretsMy Spring Formal pictureCheck out this excerpt from Off Balanced for more details on my prom regrets. If you like what you read, purchase Off Balanced for your Kindle or Nook. On average Kindle readers give my memoir 4.4 stars.

Enough self-promotion, though. Back to #CPChatNow! Prom proved only one exciting aspect to Blake’s life right now. He shared about a scholarship reception from the night before and the opportunity to spread word about our weekly cerebral palsy chat.

Spreading word about #CPChatNow Anyone who wants to connect with us on Facebook can do so by liking our Facebook fan page. There we share relevant articles and keep the conversation going all week long. We use Google+ to hold a monthly video chat.

CPChatNow May Hangout reminderWords #CPChatNow uses to describe our Twitter chatPlease contact me with questions on getting on the Hangout invite list. Thanks for reading the weekly #CPChatNow recap. Your interest helps make our community thrive. For the Extend-the-Conversation question, I welcome you to journey down memory lane too. Via a comment share a link to your prom photo!

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