#CPChatNow Recap- 06-17-2015

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Wednesday, June 17th #CPChatNow held their monthly focus chat, this month’s topic “How can exercising help you in your daily life?” Our own Erin M. Diericx led the discussion. She began by giving her credentials.

More about ErinPlease note while rich in personal experience Erin possesses no formal training in the medical field.

DisclaimerFittingly Erin structured the focus chat to revolve around all our personal experiences.

Ground rules for #CPChatNow's exercise focus chatThe format proved successful in sparking engaging conversation.

What are your fitness goals?Erin's fitness goalsErin's standing goalShort-term and long-term goals seem an ideal way to extend the conversation. In the comment section share one short-term and one long-term fitness goal.

Moving on with the recap, the idea to keep each other motivated to workout emerged.

What motivates you to workout?My co-host Blake let the focus chat on exercise turn into an impromptu squat fest.

Blake does squatsMake sure you watch Blake’s squats- click here!

Now I actually experienced an impromptu workout myself this past Monday.

Descending 18 flights of stairsThank you goes out to Erin for all the preparation she put into leading this week’s chat! This Wednesday Blake and I will announce our July focus chat so make sure to join in Wednesday, June 24th!

Don’t forget to answer the Extend-the-Conversation question. Share one short-term and one long-term fitness goal.

Experience the power of community! Live cerebral palsy Twitter #CPChatNow, every Wednesday 8pm ET.

Experience the power of community! Live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow, every Wednesday 8pm ET.


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