#CPChatNow focus chat on care giving July 1st

#CPChatNow Recap- 06-24-2015

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Heading into this week’s live weekly cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow, my co-host Blake Henry and I promoted the announcement for our July focus chat. Before getting into the announcement, we enjoyed some laughs.

Hey and howdyPlus Blake did some last minute hyping for our announcement.

Blake hypes July focus chat announcementHowever before we could tweet out the details, an old friend let the secret out.

Care Giving Focus Chat with Tim Wambach announcementTim Wambach- not only CPChatNow OGYes, #CPChatNow co-founder Tim Wambach returns next Wednesday (July 1st, 2015) to lead a discussion on caregiving.

Before the caregiving focus chat though, we hold our monthly Google Hangout today. Our community showed much interest in today’s Hangout.

Does Google Hangouts have a text feature?Getting invited to the CPChatNow HangoutsIf interested in joining our Hangouts, please contact me on Twitter so I can add you to the Google+ #CPChatNow circle. I know Blake remains eager to talk about his new job, something he touched upon yesterday during the live Twitter chat.

Blake's new jobFor the week’s Extend-the-Conversation question, name something you enjoy about your work.

Other topics also discussed last night included challenges growing older creates and apps used  to participate in our Twitter chat.

What is the hardest part of growing older?Apps used for Twitter chatsHashChat

#CPChatNow focus chat on care giving July 1st

Welcome back #CPChatNow co-founder Tim Wambach Wednesday, July 1st when he leads a conversation on caregiving. 8pm ET!

Tonight our dialogue continues during the June CPChatNow Google Hangout. Again, contact me on Twitter if interested in the invite. Meanwhile make sure to answer the Extend-the-Conversation question. Name something you enjoy about your work.

Finally, remember to join us next Wednesday (July 1st) when Handicap This’ Tim Wambach returns to lead a conversation about caregiving. To learn more about Tim and his experiences in the disability community visit the Handicap This website.


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