Air guitar or cane guitar?

ANNOUNCEMENT: First Details on My Second Book

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Second Book Announcement:

Throughout the last six months I made mention on multiple occasions I’m working on a second book. Yet I only shared two facts about the project. First, the book will stay in the non-fiction realm. Secondly this would NOT serve as the sequel to my teen memoir Off Balanced, a sequel some readers already asked for! A request by the way which flatters me. Enough about that though. Allow me to get to the point.

Today I finally reveal the first details for my currently untitled second book, set for a fall 2015 release. The project contains articles I wrote based off interviews with various musicians. Musicians for the most part who fit within the pop/rock/indie/alternative scenes.

So I’m sure now you want to know, who do I have involved in the project? While I am honestly still arranging some interviews, I can confirm most names. Rather than excitedly blurting them all out at once, I plan to maintain my composure and over the summer perform the reveal at a steady pace. To begin let me announce five names.

Air guitar or cane guitar?

Playing air guitar on my cane during a concert at Blossom Music Center. Photo: Rebecca Kovacs

Prior to naming names I wish to provide background on my in-progress work. I love music. Those who read my memoir Off Balanced (available at Amazon) understand music brought me comfort during a time period where I felt alone. Considering said information you can bet I fully enjoy writing about music, especially interviewing musicians.

Have you read my memoir?

In the past such opportunities emerged thanks to websites OC Reloaded and Yahoo! Voices. The latter closed down and publishing rights for my work reverted back to me. Enter the idea to take these articles and place them into an e-book collection.

Taking action I updated my Yahoo! Voices articles, even conducting some follow-up interviews. Plus I proceeded to schedule new interviews to round out the project. These first five name below embodies the book‘s variety from updated pieces to never before seen interviews!

Andrew WK

What better way to begin the reveal party than with the “King of Partying?” In our interview we focus on the start to Andrew WK’s career, his debut album I Get Wet.

Chris Hendricks

You may recognize Chris Hendricks’ voice from the song “Noise,” a song both NHL franchises Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers used in the past. Hendricks talks how such an opportunity came to fruition amidst much, much more.

Billy Jack Skillet (Lucid Grey)

Billy Jack Skillet rocks the drums for the hard rock outfit Lucid Grey. He dishes on Lucid Grey turning down a label and instead achieving mainstream success independently.

Mike Hill (Tombs)

My interview with Mike Hill might give you new perspective on musicians. Our conversation focuses on Hill’s Everything Went Black Media project as opposed to Tombs.

Steve Mackin (Mulu Lizi Band)

Steve Mackin and Mulu Lizi Band call Rochester, NY home. We discuss everything from Mulu Lizi’s formation to the group’s exciting future and the role social media played in securing said future.

Book Announcement at a Glance:

  • My currently untitled second book will feature articles based off interviews with various musicians mostly in the pop/rock/indie/alternative scenes.
  • Articles will range from updated pieces first published on the now defunct Yahoo! Voices to never seen before interviews!
  • Release date for the project remains fall 2015.
  • The first five names confirmed for the book include Andrew WK, Chris Hendricks, Billy Jack Skillet (Lucid Grey), Mike Hill (Tombs), and Steve Mackin (Mulu Lizi Band).
  • Name reveal will continue throughout the summer! Make sure to subscribe to my blog (option located on screen’s right hand side) so you don’t miss anything!

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  1. Kathleen Statham

    Hi Zachary,
    Sounds like a fun, worthwhile subject, your second (untitled) book. I wish you all the best with it, and support your decision to branch out to another topic that’s also dear to your interests.
    Warm regards,
    Kathleen Statham

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