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#CPChatNow Recap- 07-22-2015

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As per the traditional Wednesday evening ritual ceeps (short for cerebral palsy peeps) all over the United States plus in Canada and the United Kingdom gathered on Twitter for the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow. Everything started off awesome.

Why has your week been awesome?

Early on the conversation remained friendly and lighthearted, just pals talking.

Ceeps from #CPChatNow discuss a common interest, hockey.No smart phone? WHAT!?!?!?Eventually though, our spidey senses tingled and out came our support group super power!

How do you meet people?Online dating and disabilitiesThis brings us to the week’s Extend-the-Conversation question. What do you find the most challenging part of dating? Leave your answer in the “Comments” section below or on our Facebook fan page.

Getting back into the recap, we also stood together in support discussing the ignorance others possess about cerebral palsy.

Hannah's phone storyThe stupid things people say to the disabled#KillTheIgnorance Personally, I’m very enthusiastic about my interview with Zeno Mountain Farm’s Will Halby for Think Inclusive (the link I shared in the conversation). His take on diagnosis became a focal point in our chat.

#CPChatNow discusses diagnosis and how helpful they can be.All the great conversation from last night continues tonight as we host our July #CPChatNow Google Hangout. If interested in scoring an invitation to the Hangout, you can direct message me on Twitter.

July #CPChatNow Google Hangout reminderActually, why wait to continue the chat? Act now by answering the Extend-the-Conversation question. What do you find the most challenging part of dating? 

Thank you in advance for answering and keeping the conversation going!

CPChatNow Facebook Cover Photo

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