Zachary Fenell talks to musicians about lessons learned, memorable moments, behind-the-scenes stories, advice for aspiring musicians, and much more!

Update On Second Book (Includes More Names!)

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A few weeks ago in a blog post I announced the first details for my second book, currently untitled. If you missed the announcement, no worries! The following “Book Announcement at a Glance” comes directly from that post and recaps what you should know.

Book Announcement at a Glance:

  • My currently untitled second book will feature articles based off interviews with various musicians mostly in the pop/rock/indie/alternative scenes.
  • Articles will range from updated pieces first published on the now defunct Yahoo! Voices to never seen before interviews!
  • Release date for the project remains fall 2015.
  • The first five names confirmed for the book include Andrew WK, Chris Hendricks, Billy Jack Skillet (Lucid Grey), Mike Hill (Tombs), and Steve Mackin (Mulu Lizi Band).
  • Name reveal will continue throughout the summer! Make sure to subscribe to my blog (option located on screen’s right hand side) so you don’t miss anything!

Today the name reveal continues with three more names!

New Names Confirmed:

Maddy Walsh (The Blind Spots)

Another never seen before interview! In fact I just interviewed Maddy Walsh earlier this month. She supplies the vocals for The Blind Spots’ sound which successfully mixes rock, pop, and indie elements. Beloved in their hometown Ithaca, NY Walsh and her bandmates remain at work building an equally devoted fan base nationwide. During our conversation Walsh demonstrated great passion, discussing everything from starting out and work behind the scenes to sacrificing and life as a career musician.

Dave Erickson (Summertime Dropouts)

Originally I interviewed Summertime Dropouts’ front man Dave Erickson back in May 2012. At the time Summertime Dropouts served as a side project next to his hard rock band Fades Away. By the time we caught up on the phone in January 2015 Summertime Dropouts became Erickson’s primary band. He explains how the situation came to fruition, Summertime Dropouts gaining momentum, plus more!


Like Dave Erickson, I first interviewed Jesse Magee a few years ago. At the time LEFTSTRONGER happened to release their debut album So Close. Earlier in 2015 during our follow-up interview we focused a lot on how recording So Close helped prepare Magee and LEFTSTRONGER for their second album Pieces. Also Magee spoke about playing live, his songwriting process, and more!

Other Notes:

Additionally to revealing more names next month I’m hoping to announce the title for this project. Over the weekend I began the process brainstorming possibilities.

Finally over the weekend I released the following graphic, providing insights into common themes my different interviews cover.

Zachary Fenell talks to musicians about lessons learned, memorable moments, behind-the-scenes stories, advice for aspiring musicians, and much more!

Thanks for your interest in the project! The closer we get to release, the more excited I am to share my writings based off these interviews. If not done so already, subscribe (option on website’s upper right hand side) and guarantee you stay updated on the project!

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