Switch your mindset to ON and act with purpose and precision.

Celebrating Personal Maintenance

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You deserve some applause.

You deserve some applause.For real, I’m serious. While you remain focused on whatever goal you continue to work towards, you overlook frequent activities deserving accolades. Activities you may humbly wave off as simply personal maintenance. However, I feel there exists a time to celebrate personal maintenance. Yes, celebrate!

Without tending to personal maintenance, life becomes much more difficult. For instance living with cerebral palsy makes exercising regularly vital to me. If I do not exercise regularly, my physical abilities digress. I lose range with how high I can lift my right leg, turning daily activities like entering and exiting a bathtub increasingly challenging.

Plus regular exercise keeps my muscles’ natural spasticity in check. When gone unchecked my spasticity, especially within my hamstrings, becomes so tight my mental capacity to concentrate on writing falters. Consequently I will sit at my computer to write something and five minutes later I will walk away my tight hamstrings making sitting in my office chair too uncomfortable.

In fact a combination between deteriorating exercise habits and emotional stress left me struggling last year. I somehow survived around a 120-day stretch where I did not do any physical therapy exercises. Oh what an ordeal! Needing to record my exercises for my Rocky Balboa themed cerebral palsy exercise montage pushed me to start exercising regularly again.

After I published the video my focus turned to maintaining my revamped exercise schedule. Well I’m happy to report said maintenance extends beyond the one-year mark now. Actually hitting the one-year milestone inspired today’s post. Inspired me to show you, my dear reader, why you should celebrate your personal maintenance.

To illustrate let us look at a common goal. I bet you probably know at least one person with this goal, lose weight. Some who work on losing weight may count calories. To the point counting calories turns into a daily personal maintenance activity. If results struggle to come to fruition, you may grow frustrated and lose the motivation to pursue the weight loss.

Enter the importance to celebrating personal maintenance. Celebrating personal maintenance induces a positive mindset. Possessing a positive mindset will take you from becoming overwhelmed by your larger goals to attacking the problems preventing you from achieving the larger goals.

Switch your mindset to ON and act with purpose and precision.Just think about your mindset as a light switch. When switched to OFF, you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. You stumble around in the dark no clarity around. Switch to ON though and suddenly you become completely aware to your surroundings. You move with precision and purpose, essentially with a plan.

Go ahead! Switch your mindset to ON. Identify personal maintenance you should celebrate and power your life’s illumination.

Move forth enlightened.

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