#CPChatNow Recap- 08-05-2015

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#CPChatNow, the live weekly cerebral palsy Twitter chat, kicked off the month looking to make August 2015 GOAT. More about goats later though. First let us begin recapping last night’s lively conversation. A familiar face really helped spark the dialogue.

What do you consider hardest about life?This week’s #CPChatNow maintained a cheery tone throughout, probably an extension to good news shared.

Blake gives job update#CPChatNow August Google Hangout detailsHannah is moving to Nashville!Okay, I know. Placing the August #CPChatNow Google Hangout details between Hannah and Blake’s good news risks the Hangout information becoming overshadowed. Thus I wanted to take the time to specifically mention the Hangout.

Personally I find the Hangouts and #CPChatNow in general great inspiration for finding topics to blog about. Something I even noted last night when sharing my latest blog post “Challenge Your Limits.”

Read "Challenge Your Limits" So #CPChatNow inspires me, but what about you? What inspires you? Consider that the week’s Extend-the-Conversation question. Leave your answer in the “Comments” section!

Back to last night and the earlier GOAT reference, according to my co-host Blake Henry GOAT remains slang for “Greatest of All Time.” Maybe I should just allow the dialogue to recap the moment.

Favorite slang termsRemembering back to June I’m tempted to say our focus chat led by Erin on exercising proved “da bomb.” Said topic actually resurfaced.

Working out with cerebral palsyRevisit highlights from June’s exercise focus chat- click here.

Continuing with our highlights from yesterday evening, the teasing over my dumb phone segued to chatter about phone durability.

Phone dropping- a cerebral palsy issue?To end the night I tweeted out another reminder about #CPChatNow’s August Google Hangout.

August Google Hangout Reminder


#CPChatNow takes place on Twitter every Wednesday at 8pm ET.

Typically Blake and I hold the monthly #CPChatNow Google Hangout near a month’s end. However, we wanted to schedule August’s Hangout earlier in an effort to avoid back-to-school season.

Now let me end the recap with another reminder. Answer the Extend-the-Conversation question! What inspires you? 

Leave your answer here in the “Comments” section.


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