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#CPChatNow Recap- Meeting New People Focus Chat

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On Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 the live weekly cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow welcomed accomplished blogger Katy Fetters (@TeenCP) to lead a conversation on introducing your cerebral palsy when meeting new people. As I shared Wednesday morning in addition to the focus chat I would make a couple announcements.

Focus chat tonight plus announcements!Punctual, Katy opened up the Q & A right at 8pm ET.

Katy opens the Q & A.Katy Fetters IntroductionAfter Katy introduced herself the questions started rolling in.

How CP impacts KatyDealing with intelligence assumptionsDating eventually emerged as a topic. On that subject Katy offered helpful and practical advice.

Meeting new people dating part 1More about meeting new people datingAnother question which triggered great dialogue involved how to react to people who stare.

When people stare at your cerebral palsyDaryl's advice to handle stares

Time for you to add your input! For the Extend-the-Conversation question answer the following. How do you handle stares from other people? Answer in the “Comments” section.

Continuing with last night’s recap the Q & A came to a close around 9:15pm ET. That made way for the announcements I alluded to earlier in the day.

Celebrate World CP Day Oct. 7th with #CPChatNowMy co-host Blake Henry and I ask you to use the graphic to invite at least one person to our live Twitter chat October 7th. Based off direct feedback to the announcement we chose to additionally open the October 7th chat to Facebook as well.

Will the Oct. 7th chat be on Facebook too?See the aforementioned Facebook event page here. Join and post your questions to the event page between 8pm and 10pm ET October 7th.  Using Facebook and Twitter we can celebrate World Cerebral Palsy Day by helping to educate others!

While the October 7th chat proves an exciting prospect, let us not forget about the second announcement made last night.

October #CPChatNow Google Hangout detailsPlease send me a DM on Twitter with any questions regarding receiving the Google Hangout invite.

Also before drawing the recap to a close I want to encourage you to show some appreciation to Katy for joining us and treat yourself to some wonderful blog posts by visiting her blog Teen Cerebral Palsy.

Finally make sure to invite a friend, co-worker, or otherwise acquainted person to celebrate World Cerebral Palsy Day with us next Wednesday!

Remember to answer the Extend-the-Conversation question too! How do you handle stares from other people?  

World Cerebral Palsy Day Twitter Chat

Use this graphic to invite a friend, co-worker, or otherwise acquainted person to join #CPChatNow Wednesday, October 7th, World Cerebral Palsy Day!

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