I'm editiing my musician interviews book on my Kindle.

Musician Interviews Book Progress Report

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The leaves changing colors and pumpkin flavor invading coffee shops, welcome to fall my friends! So with the fall upon us you might wonder where I am with my musician interviews book.

First, let me thank you for your continued interest in my still in-progress work. I’m happy to report a fall release remains probable. Surely though you want more details than that! Well then you will enjoy the following progress report.

Draft Status

I'm editiing my musician interviews book on my Kindle.

Book writing milestone complete! The manuscript for my musician interviews book is in Kindle form!

In very exciting news, I am at the Kindle editing stage. Taking a manuscript from a plain Word document and transforming into an e-book proves a significant milestone in the book writing process. Although the excitement created by achieving said milestone quickly gives way to a whole new to-do list.

Items on that new to-do list include another proofreading round, shortening paragraphs to avoid pages consumed by one giant paragraph, and ensuring all the text transfers correctly. The latter proves especially tedious. Special characters require special attention. Otherwise “cliché” may end up appearing as “clich[].” Not very professional!

Updated Artists List

Yes, the picture above confirms another artist for my book. You may recognize Stacey Randol’s music from television shows like Rectify and Dance Moms. Rectify featured “Fables” the title track to Randol’s sophomore album.

Randol’s confirmation brings our updated artists list to the following.

What to Expect

Content based off individual phone interviews basically come in two forms. One a straight forward transcription presented through a Q & A format. Or the alternative involves the interviewer weaving quotes from the conversation into a written article. You can see from the sneak-peak preview I shared during the summer which my book encompasses.

Book Title

After brainstorming various potential titles for my musician interviews book I comprised a focus group to obtain feedback on said titles. My focus group delivered big time with engaging responses! Actually I ended up completely overwhelmed. Hence the reason for my following tweet sent last week.

In an effort to not overthink the book title I took a pause for the cause, turning my attention to other work. The strategy worked as the other day the decision to what to call my musician interviews book randomly came to me!

However, I’m not quite ready to reveal the title.

Come on, you know I need a reason to keep you coming back. I promise though, my next update I’ll share all the juicy details you want including book title, all the artists involved, and release date!

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