Rock Realities features interviews with musicians like Andrew WK, Team Sleep's Todd Wilkinson, and 11 more artists!

Introducing Rock Realities

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Get excited music fans! A new book featuring interviews with musicians mostly in the pop/rock/indie/alternative genres hits Kindle and Nook digital bookshelves Tuesday, December 8th. Yes, I’m talking about my release. Continue reading to learn who from Team Sleep I interviewed and get all the other details you could want! Shall we start with the book title?

Rock Realities Book Cover

Read Rock Realities on your Kindle or Nook.

Book Title

What a relief! I can stop referring to my book using the generic terms “in-progress book” and “musician  interviews book.” You can see from the cover the title.

Rock Realities captures the contents so well. While I discussed various subject matters with the 13 musicians I interviewed, there remained at least one overarching theme. Each artist shared his or her experiences within the music industry. Put another way, they tell their rock realities.

Who all did I interview for Rock Realities you ask? I’m getting to that next!

Artists Featured

In fact I will go beyond simply listing names and I will also supply you the titles for each selection.

  • Jason Stollsteimer- The Von Bondies/The Hounds Below/PONYSHOW: “Staying True”
  • Billy Jack Skillet- Lucid Grey: “Independent Label Success Story: Lucid Grey”
  • Jake Nielsen: “Finding Acceptance Through Music”
  • Stacey Randol: “Taking An Alternative Route”
  • Eric Halborg- The Swayback: “The Swayback’s Eric Halborg Talks Double Four Time, Working with Andy Johns, and More”
  • Dave Erickson- Summertime Dropouts: “Side Project to Main Project: Dave Erickson Talks Summertime Dropouts”
  • Todd Wilkinson (with Chuck Doom)- Team Sleep: “Friendship with Music Mixed In”
  • Chris Hendricks: “The Art Comes First”
  • Andrew WK: “Andrew WK Talks I Get Wet 10th Anniversary”
  • Maddy Walsh- The Blind Spots: “Sacrificing to the Rock and Roll Gods”
  • Steve Mackin- Mulu Lizi: “Growth Through Social Media”
  • Mike Hill- Tombs: “Tombs’ Mike Hill Revealing a Different Dimension to Musicians”
  • Jesse Magee- Leftstronger: “Lessons From the School of Hard Rock”

To appeal to your reading appetite even more may I suggest you checkout this sneak peek preview featuring an excerpt from the Jason Stollsteimer selection “Staying True?”

Coming Very Soon!

Rock Realities hits Kindle’s digital bookshelves Tuesday, December 8th. If you enjoyed the sneak peek preview linked above, good news! You can pre-order Rock Realities now! Click the link below.

Happy reading all!

Rock Realities features interviews with musicians like Andrew WK, Team Sleep's Todd Wilkinson, and 11 more artists!

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