Mementos from road races I've completed.

Moving Towards a Better Life

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A better life, what a phrase! Those three words possess a great allure. At the same time those very same three words can sink you, leaving you overwhelmed with frustrations and regrets. You might grapple internally with questions like “Why am I not seeing greater results?” or “What am I doing wrong?” In an attempt to answer said questions you begin to dwell on regrets. “I should’ve done this” or “Why did I do that?!”


Here at we focus on solutions, not the problem. Just see this post’s title “Moving Towards a Better Life.” That moving I reference remains literal as in physical movement. In fact the inspiration for today’s post comes from my friend and colleague Tim Wambach running a marathon back on Saturday, November 7th. The day before Tim explained in a video posted to Facebook his motive to run the marathon and then all the justifiable reasons he could back away from the challenge.


Watching Tim’s video his message resonated with me. I aim to walk five or more miles at least once a week. Some weeks I feel unmotivated and tempted to skip the walk. However, an internal spark drives me to get off my butt and go. What lights my spark you ask? My physical activity results in a better life.

Mementos from road races I've completed.

Some mementos from road races I’ve completed.

Before I list exactly how walking betters my life, I wish to highlight a vital key phrase “physical activity.” Understand I’m not simply talking about walking or running. Any physical activity should work. Go look into yoga, Zumba, hiking, whatever! Afterwards prepare to enjoy the following benefits.

Access to Hidden Levels

A lot in life remains subjective but not this! I’m talking science folks! While I’m no scientist, from what I understand physical activity causes the mind to release endorphins. Endorphins make you feel good and I know when I feel good I can think at a different level. (Psst, scientists please correct me if I’m wrong here.)

For instance, I possess a goal for six, 10-hour days to make up my entrepreneurial work week. Well spending that much time looking at computer screens wearies my eyes, costing me the ability to reach my goal. Recently on a walk though, an idea came to me to help overcome the challenge. Now I’m on track to reach my goal.

“I’m confident, not cocky.”

Cerebral palsy strong!Earlier in 2015 I recall saying something smug when out with friends. One friend called me out in a kindly manner using the term “cocky” and I replied with a smile “I strive for confident, borderline cocky.” Although only friendly banter the dialogue represents the point physical activity can lead to increased confidence.

Wrecking my brain for a specific example how walking boosts my confidence I instead ended up remembering words I wrote in my memoir Off Balanced. Off Balanced shares how my mild cerebral palsy caused me confidence issues growing up. Cerebral palsy left me weaker than my peers, making me feel inferior. The opposite holds true today. Between my walking and other exercises I’m stronger. Feeling strong creates positive self-esteem.


The Day-to-Day Bonus!

As you move about with poise tackling challenges in new ways you will eventually come across a bonus way physical activity betters your life. Maybe since you burn off more calories you can eat that second doughnut. Perhaps you met a special somebody in your yoga class. What day-to-day bonus physical activity brings you I don’t know!

Personally, I found a greater appreciation for bar hopping with friends. With my increased endurance I don’t exhaust as much energy going bar to bar. Therefore I can enjoy my drunken friends much better!  

What about you? What physical activity will you participate in to better your life? Or, if you already participate in a physical activity, how does the activity better your life? Leave your answers in the “Comments” section below.

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