This last minute gift idea is great because it eliminates last minute hassles!

Great Last Minute Gift Idea!

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Last minute gift shopping proves such a hassle! Finding a parking spot remains like finding an open chair when playing musical chairs. Then once inside the store, your gift options end up limited to what everyone else didn’t want. After that you get to stand in a long line waiting to purchase those second rate gifts. What a nightmare!


Hi! I’m here to wake you up from your last minute gift shopping nightmare. My last minute gift idea for you today eliminates all the aforementioned hassles. No musical parking spots! No settling for second rate gifts! No standing in long lines!

Plus this last minute gift idea involves thought. You can show your loved ones, “I do know what you like.” Never underestimate the power behind a thoughtful gift!

Okay, enough hype right? On with said great last minute gift idea!

This last minute gift idea is great because it eliminates last minute hassles!

Drum Roll Please

With the Kindle and Nook book gift option last minute gift buying becomes hassle free!Give an e-book! You can gift an e-book to a Kindle or Nook user in three simple steps!

1. Go to the sales page for the book you wish to gift.

2. Locate and click the gifting option (see the graphic to the right).

3. Complete the form and finish your transaction. For the Kindle form that means clicking “Place your order.”  The “Submit” button serves as the equivalent for the Nook.

Now both the Kindle and Nook forms will ask you for the recipient’s email address. If you don’t know the email address, try Facebook creeping. Go to the person’s Facebook page and look under “About.” There you might find an email address.

If you don’t see an email address, ask directly. Just disguise your reasoning. Ask and say “I wanted to send you an e-card.” You can even make an e-card pretty easily using Canva.

So Many Choices!

As I previously stated e-books offer many advantages over the average last minute gift. One advantage your recipient will especially appreciate. Digital products don’t sell out! Rather than settling for a second rate gift, you can pick a gift from a forever stocked virtual bookstore!

Heck, you may find your biggest problem comes down to so many choices! I recommend zeroing in on the person’s interests. Search the Kindle* and Nook‘s virtual bookshelves for books in said interest.

By chance I could possibly even save you time searching the virtual bookshelves. Searches for “rock music,” “music business,” “cerebral palsy memoir,” and “disability” eventually will lead back to me anyways.

My Books

My new book Rock Realities will intrigue those interested in “rock music” and “music business.” I interviewed 13 different musicians for Rock Realities and wrote articles based off each interview. Cleveland Scene spotlighted the book recently too!

Off Balanced by Zachary Fenell

Gift Off Balanced to a Kindle* or Nook user you know.

Anyone interested in “cerebral palsy memoir” or “disability” related reads should enjoy my memoir Off Balanced. In Off Balanced I detail my journey from feeling embarrassed over my mild cerebral palsy (CP) to finally embracing my CP. Between Kindle* and Nook reader reviews, Off Balanced averages four-and-a-half stars (out of five).

Should you gift someone Off Balanced or Rock Realities, let me know! I would feel honored to play a role in your holiday gift giving. Happy last minute gift shopping to all!

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