#CPChatNow Recap- 01-06-2016

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Entering 2016 we in the #CPChatNow community aim to continue building momentum. Between adding monthly Google Hangouts and focus chats 2015 proved a milestone year. The first Twitter chat in 2016 promised more to come. Said chat featured a cerebral palsy confession, announcements, and more!

January 2016 #CPChatNow announcements coming!First though, with a community member heading to higher education this fall we talked college. Specifically we discussed roommate situation.

#CPChatNow discusses roommate situations in college.

A little after 8:30pm ET my co-host Blake Henry made the night’s first announcement.

#CPChatNow's first focus chat of 2016 will focus on working with a disability.

The #CPChatNow community discusses the upcoming focus chat.

Shortly later I revealed the night’s second announcement.

#CPChatNow community members will gather on Thursday, January 21st for a Google Hangout.

Another noteworthy subject emerged towards the night’s end. The dialogue started with what I called a “confession.”

I spark a conversation with a cerebral palsy confession about the way I tie my shoes.

Time for you to continue the conversation! Answer this week’s extend-the-conversation question. “What is your cerebral palsy confession?”

Experience the power of community! Live cerebral palsy Twitter #CPChatNow, every Wednesday 8pm ET.

Experience the power of community! Live cerebral palsy Twitter #CPChatNow, every Wednesday 8pm ET.

Your confession may involve a shortcut you take (like my confession). Or, perhaps you posses a CP related fear. For example, I loathe escalators. Share your cerebral palsy confession by leaving a comment.

Who knows? Maybe next week’s Twitter chat begins by discussing your confessions! I personally look forward to learning others’ cerebral palsy confessions.

Thanks for reading the week’s recap!


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