Re-Focusing On Cerebral Palsy Issues

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After a brief blog hiatus and a longer departure from focusing on cerebral palsy (CP) issues, I’m back! Last time you heard from me I shared my blogging quandary. Partly self-doubt loomed over my previous decision to move away from a cerebral palsy blog. I excused myself from actively blogging in order to best address my concerns. Today I discuss my tough decisions.

I am re-focusing to provide the Internet a kick butt cerebral palsy blog.Cerebral Palsy Blog

Based off this post’s title you can probably guess the direction I decided to pursue. Yes, I am re-focusing to provide the Internet a kick butt cerebral palsy blog. Prepare for a fun, engaging blog set to educate and dispel CP misconceptions.

Deciding on said direction required overcoming internal objections. As a blogger I liked the freedom no niche offered. One week I could write about CP. Then the following week I could post about goal setting. Maybe music the next week!

Such freedom prevented me from overexposing one subject. Reading Daryl Perry’s Fit with CP blog changed my perspective. Per the name’s inference Fit with CP focuses completely on fitness and cerebral palsy. If Daryl can keep a micro niche fresh, I could find freedom in a general cerebral palsy blog.

Still Hesitant

Even after realizing I could still find freedom in a cerebral palsy blog, I hesitated. “I’m more than cerebral palsy” an internal voice argued. “Why should I relegate my blog exclusively to this one factor?” Some statistical analysis and reflecting brought me my answer. YOU!

Your viewing habits towards my content spoke clearly. You want cerebral palsy content from me. My insights on CP you value more than say my thoughts on goal setting or music. Since I blog for you, I will cater to your interests.

Moving Forward

A little earlier I stated “Prepare for a fun, engaging blog set to educate and dispel CP misconceptions.” Some slight re-wording turns said statement into a mission statement. Does the following sound agreeable to you?

To educate and dispel cerebral palsy misconceptions in a fun, engaging way.

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