What Can You Expect From the Off Balanced Memoir?

What Can You Expect from the Off Balanced Epilogue?

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“Now with a 10-year high school reunion epilogue!” You will find those words on my cerebral palsy (CP) memoir’s cover. Today I will tell you what to expect from the Off Balanced epilogue.

Why Write the Off Balanced Epilogue?

Revisit my appearance on Michelle Fischer's A View From My Window podcast.

Checkout A View From My Window’s podcast archives and listen to my appearance on the show.

Before I discuss what to expect, let me spotlight why. Off Balanced documents my emotional journey from embarrassment to embrace over CP. High school graduation proved a pivotal moment in said voyage. This fact I emphasized in different interviews. For example, when I appeared on Michelle Fischer’s View From My Window podcast.

High school graduation left a lasting impact on me. No one moment from the day caused the impact. Rather reflection on the previous 12 years triggered a realization.

By trying to hide my CP, I robbed my classmates the chance to really know me. Regrets began setting in. Those regrets pushed me to become more outgoing in college. Experiences in college continued to shape me. Without the feelings I felt during high school graduation, my college experiences alter greatly. Essentially high school graduation led me to become the person I am.

Considering the above adding an epilogue seemed appropriate.

Visiting Unvisited Adventures!

Inside chapter six “Not Enough” I liken people to unpredictable adventures. You never know what a relationship may bring. My relationships from college demonstrate so. Friends became guest bloggers for Handicap This Productions. Connection with a professor turned into a high profile radio interview.

Due to my shy demeanor in high school, most adventures went unvisited. At least until last year! The Off Balanced epilogue visits these previously unexplored adventures. Insights lead to a valuable lesson about perspective. An empowering lesson when applied to your own life!


As a bonus I hint at the subject for my next cerebral palsy memoir. Yes, I plan to write a second memoir. Actually I already started the memoir. If you wish to know more, you must checkout the epilogue.

“I already bought your book though!”

Those who already purchased Off Balanced, relax! You can access the epilogue for FREE. Well, I know for sure Kindle users can. Follow these directions.

  1. Go to Amazon.com
  2. Click “Your Account”
  3. Scroll down and click “Manage Your Content and Devices” located under “Digital Management.”
  4. Find Off Balanced. You should see an “Updates Available” button. Click that!

Honestly I’m unsure about how the process works for the Nook. However, I want to know! Therefore the first Nook user who sends me step by step directions, I will gift my latest e-book Rock Realities. Email me the directions please (contact –AT- zacharyfenell.com).

Happy reading all!

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