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Thoughts On Inclusive Education From Real People Like You!

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The graphic I used to promote the #IEchat I guest hosted.

On April 12th I guest host the inclusive education chat #iechat to ask the teachers!

Inclusive education looks different for each student. Recent Twitter chats reinforced said fact. Chats I participated in. Today I share highlights from those.

Addressing Layers

Actually my roles in these aforementioned chats go beyond participant. First on Tuesday, April 12th I guest hosted #iechat. An inclusive education chat for teachers, #iechat happens Tuesdays at 8:30pm ET.

While I’m not an educator, I consider myself an advocate for the student’s voice. A role I fell into after publishing my teenage memoir Off Balanced. Therefore I designed questions to make teachers think about inclusive education from the student’s perspective.

Questions asked during the April 12th #iechat

Ever the opportunist I decided to re-phrase my questions for #CPChatNow. As you probably know by now I co-host #CPChatNow, a weekly cerebral palsy chat. By re-working my questions I aimed to gain students’ (current and past) perspectives.

I re-word my #iechat questions so #CPChatNow participants can answer.

Essentially I looked to address another layer to inclusive education!

A Reminder

Both conversations served as reminders to stay mindful when developing classroom strategies. For example, during #iechat I mentioned a strategy intervention specialist Anshawn Ivery uses. Ivery’s one-on-one conversations with students left a lasting impression on me once I interviewed him for The Mobility Resource.

However, a different educator pinpointed a potential flaw with the method.

Does that make Ivery’s tactic invalid? I think not. Instead I believe the point demonstrates how no one method proves universal. Thus the importance to knowing individual students! A #iechat participant shared helpful advice for creating positive teacher-student relationships.

Establishing this positive relationship should enable teachers to identify students’ learning styles. My #CPChatNow co-host Blake Henry mentioned the crucial learning styles.

Go Team!

Additionally a teamwork theme quietly emerged during the two Twitter chats. With the #iechat my second question led to the team component.

Using the team metaphor teachers can act as coaches. A good coach pushes his athletes to his or her limits. When you push limits, limits expand, Impossible becomes possible.

Keep in mind the student belongs to the team also. #CPChatNow regular Devin Axtman raised that point in a tweet.

Share Your Inclusive Education Thoughts

Hopefully you found these varying thoughts on inclusive education beneficial. Add your own insights while here too! Does a certain question catch your attention? Go ahead and answer in the “Comments” section below.

Make sure you indicate the question which you answer. I look forward to reading your takes on inclusive education.

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