Read to learn why I recommend ICYHOT for cerebral palsy pain relief.

Product Recommendation: ICYHOT for Pain Relief

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Living with cerebral palsy will leave you seeking pain relief. The pain’s severity varies based on each case. For example, take my Handicap This colleague Mike Berkson. His pain unfortunately remains constant. So the product I am recommending today would not work for him.

Rather today’s recommendation provides pain relief for minor pains. Instances where dramatic changes in weather leaves your body aching. Or, occasions when a busy schedule causes you to neglect proper stretching. Maybe travel situations placing you in tight spaces. You know what I am talking about!

Traveling actually introduced me to the recommended ICYHOT. Perhaps you heard me mention the product before. Any pain relief conversation during #CPChatNow surely left me recommending ICYHOT. Plus I discuss ICYHOT in my video “Cerebral Palsy Grab Bag Show and Tell!

Enough Brief Praise!

Allow me to support my ICYHOT praise with in-depth analysis. First I should clarify ICYHOT creates multiple pain relief products. This recommendation pertains to ICYHOT’s medicated no mess applicator.


In two simple steps ICYHOT relieves minor pains. Step one, unscrew the medicated no mess applicator cap. Secondly apply directly to the aching area. Do expect to feel a burning sensation once applied.

Personally I use the product to relieve shoulder pain, lower back pain, upper leg pain, and even pain throughout the entire leg. Applying to the upper leg leads to my only user caution.


Gentlemen, I am talking to you. Avoid lying down after applying ICYHOT to your upper leg. Especially if you lay on your side! Lying down will leave the medicine rubbing to other areas. Manly areas where a burning sensation can become uncomfortable!

Besides my user caution, please obey the warnings listed on the product. Consult a doctor about use for women pregnant or breast feeding and children younger than 13. Don’t use in tandem with a heating pad. Keep use to three or four times a day. However, I dare say needing to use ICYHOT that much proves alarming.

Determining Pain Relief Success

A major reason I recommend ICYHOT goes to the product’s efficiency. In my experiences ICYHOT offers quick, lasting pain relief. Hence why, I call needing to use the product four times a day alarming. I never use ICYHOT more than twice a day. Obviously your body may react differently. I just think needing ICYHOT so frequently indicates a better pain relief method exists for you.

Nevertheless I believe many in the cerebral palsy community will find ICYHOT beneficial. Another benefit comes with ease to use. Physically you need three abilities to use the medicated no mess applicator.

  1. Ability to twist off the cap
  2. Grip to hold the applicator
  3. Range in motion to reach the area in pain

Ease to use stands an important factor in recommending the no mess applicator. Consider most if not all people with cerebral palsy desire to live as independently as possible. The medicated no mess applicator enables said independence better than other ICYHOT products.

To Summarize

ICYHOT’s medicated no mess applicator supplies the cerebral palsy community a great pain relief option. The product relieves minor pains in a quick, lasting fashion. Application leads to a burning sensation though. When applied to the upper leg region, try not lying down right away. As instructed on the product ask a doctor before using if pregnant, breast feeding, or a kid younger than 13 years old. Please abide by all other cautions listed on the product too.

Also please ask me any questions you may possess. Use the “Comments” section to leave your questions. I will reply with an answer. Hopefully my insights help you decide if ICYHOT will sufficiently provide you pain relief.

Medical Disclaimer

I am in NO WAY a medical professional. NOR did I consult with a medical professional to write this post. My recommendation remains 100% based on my experiences using ICYHOT. Carefully read the packaging prior to use. Talk to a doctor too, if necessary.

About My Product Recommendations

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