Five Reasons You Should Read Rock Realities

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Possess no fear! I am not losing my cerebral palsy focus. Although I see how the title can suggest otherwise. Rather when I say “you,” I am saying “you with CP.” Yes! You will find cerebral palsy connections in my e-book Rock Realities.

Said connections will trigger empathy. Plus maybe inspire! All this thanks to one fact. Three musicians I interviewed for Rock Realities live with cerebral palsy.

Now Rock Realities compiles into one collection articles I wrote. Each one based off a phone interview with a different musician. Chris Hendricks, Jake Nielsen, and Jesse Magee just so happen deal with CP. Their insights offer the cerebral palsy community reasons to read.

Leftstronger frontman Jesse Magee discusses the benefits of music.

Leftstronger front-man Jesse Magee shares in Rock Realities he loves learning what his music means to fans.

1. New Music to Relate to!

Listening to music comforts. Songs supply therapeutic release. Growing up I twisted my favorite song lyrics to apply to my life. Imagine though, the songwriter lived with CP.

Aha, yes! Connect those metaphorical dots. Suddenly you do not need to twist lyrics. Songs naturally carry CP themes. Listen to Jesse Magee’s “Chance for Romance.” Or, turn on Chris Hendricks’ “Affliction” for examples.

A discography accompanies every selection too. Therefore discovering new meaningful songs proves simple. As explained in the Rock Realities press release:

New music remains two taps away. Tap one takes you to an album’s sales page on Amazon or Barnes & Noble’s website. Select whether you want a single song or a whole album and execute the second tap.

2. Tuning Out Naysayers

Besides the music, the three musicians supply empowering insights. Each mentions naysayers. More precisely they discuss overcoming said negativity. Nielsen even reveals how a pegged negative became positive! Their stories will bring you hope.

3. Seeking Acceptance

Living with CP leaves hurdles on your path towards acceptance. Unsurprisingly then acceptance arose as an issue in my aforementioned conversations. Heck, the title to my Jake Nielsen interview incorporates “acceptance!”

Additionally acceptance stood a valuable theme in my chat with Chris Hendricks. Interestingly enough I first interviewed Hendricks in mid-2010. Since, Hendricks’ view on his CP grew a lot. His new perspective may assist you on your acceptance journey.


Let us continue to concentrate on Chris Hendricks. Amidst our discussion for Rock Realities, he said something profound. I dare say LIFE CHANGING! Said comment keys in on how you receive feedback. I firmly believe anyone with CP will reap rewards from Hendricks’ remarks. Profound, LIFE CHANGING remarks currently only available in Rock Realities!

5. More Than a Diagnosis

Jake does not let his disability define him. He is more than his diagnosis!

Blues musician Jake Nielsen lives with cerebral palsy. More importantly, he is a respected musician.

Logically the reasons listed above relate to cerebral palsy. Yet ironically the three interviews carried a different focal point. I do not ask Jake Nielsen, Chris Hendricks, and Jesse Magee questions about living with CP. Instead I ask them questions about life as musicians.

Others may mistake such point as inconsequential. Nonetheless you know better. Often people get stuck on your disability. Consequently you end up feeling trapped by your body.

Reading Rock Realities can assist freeing you. Jake Nielsen, Chris Hendricks, and Jesse Magee overcame their bodies to become respected musicians. Let my interviews with them inspire you. Become more than your diagnosis!

Why Not Share This About Rock Realities Sooner?

Surely you wonder. “Why not mention these Rock Realities CP themes earlier?” After all Rock Realities hit digital bookshelves last December.

Truthfully I wanted to give Rock Realities time to standout based off music merits. Given my divulge today obviously I feel enough time passed for that to occur. So prepare to read Rock Realities. Let Jake Nielsen, Chris Hendricks, and Jesse Magee’s insights rock you. More importantly, let their insights empower you. Download today!

Or purchase for your Nook!

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