Let's celebrate my two-year blogiversary by reflecting back on the past year!

Two-Year Blogiversary Reflection

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Saturday, January 14th marked my two-year blogiversary here at the relaunched zacharyfenell.com. Or blog anniversary, if you prefer not combining words. To celebrate I wanted to reflect with you on the past year. What a year too! Let me remind you about my relaunch’s shaky beginning.

Previously at Zacharyfenell.com

One year ago I wrote a one-year blogiversary reflection. Actually I intend to make the reflection an annual tradition. In case you remain limited on time, allow me to summarize the one-year blogiversary post.

The original excitement I felt for my relaunch quickly faded. I realized I committed many mistakes. For example, I removed a niche focus. Another mistake saw me trying to monetize the site via Google AdSense ads. Despite the negatives, I stood determined. Closing the one-year blogiversary reflection I announced a short blogging hiatus. I needed time to better evaluate my situation. Then plan accordingly.

Rocked By Reality

Catch the playful wording there? Answer honestly. A “No” just means my subtle reference to Rock Realities flopped. My second book Rock Realities compiles together articles I penned based off interviews with various independent musicians. During my blog hiatus I concentrated on promoting the release.

Unfortunately Rock Realities never gained traction. Not yet at least, probably never. However the disappointing experience became the reality check I required. My struggles with Rock Realities exposed how much I took for granted with Off Balanced.

Readers do not automatically flock to a published book. Interest level in Off Balanced indicates people value my voice on CP matters. That factor softened my resistance against solely a cerebral palsy blog concentration. After all I aim to appease you my reader. Therefore March 23rd, 2016 I returned from my blog hiatus, fully ready to accept the CP blogger label.

Like a Kryptonian

Hopefully reading my blog you feel like a relative to Superman or Supergirl. By which I mean you find my efforts transparent. You see through them the way Kryptonians see through walls.

I wanted to use my blogiversary to ensure you find my blogging efforts and intentions transparent.

I strive for transparency with my blogging intentions.

Those connected to me on social media know my cover images read “I write to make a difference in other people’s lives.” The more I write the greater chance for difference. Hence my blogging pursuit transcends mere hobby. I am looking to establish revenue streams. Building blog based income enables me to invest additional time into the blog.

Essentially I am approaching my blog business minded. The best businesses create revenue streams around what benefits customers. A task I attempt incorporating Amazon Associate links within posts. Placed incorrectly though, the links could ruin posts. Exactly why I bring up this topic amidst my blogiversary reflection!

A blogiversary seems an ideal opportunity to seek your feedback. Am I overdoing Amazon Associate links? For example, consider the earlier Rock Realities link. Tell me in the “Comments” section. I want honest responses.     

Highlight Reel

Open and truthful interaction with you I cherish. I even deem the top highlight blogging the past year. Admittedly, career bloggers may laugh at my current subscriber list size. Let them. A different metric consumes me, meaningful relationships.

Thanks to my blog the last year I developed new connections. Plus I deepened existing relationships. Such feats require your correspondence. So please keep commenting on posts. Or, replying to my blog social media shares. For personal one-on-one communication, use the “Contact” form. Speak to me!

Simply Put

My two-year blogiversary at the relaunched zacharyfenell.com sparks optimism. I corrected mistakes related to the initial relaunch. Now wiser I am greater positioned to serve you. Still I need your insights. Specifically I asked you “Am I overdoing Amazon Associate links?” Give me the truth!

Also I encourage your thoughts elsewhere. Comment on posts. Respond to my social media blog shares and express your opinion. Use the “Contact” form for private communication. Advancing our relationship supplied the top highlights the last year. Entering year three, I anticipate expanding our connection further.

Happy blogiversary!

*Disclaimer- Rock Realities connectswith the Amazon LLC Associate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

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4 responses on “Two-Year Blogiversary Reflection

  1. markdeafmcguire


    I wish I could tell you that you are doing it all wrong with the Amazon links but to be honest with you, there’s no right or wrong answer here.

    That didn’t help, did it?

    Truth be told, it does work for some bloggers and it does not work for others. This appears to be a result of two things, the topic and marketing.

    For example, there are many successful bloggers who have generated income through Amazon by showcasing a product, either their own or “someone” else (including businesses.

    In addition to that, there are bloggers who have succeeded in generating an income stream with their products on Amazon as a result of others showcasing those particular products.

    So in the end, both of these results boils down to networking. The more connections you have, the greater the chances. For example, 20 percent of 100 is 20. Likewise, 20 percent of 1000 is 200. And the numbers keep going up.

    There is a tipping point somewhere but it is a challenge and getting to 20 percent is a good starting point because it does seem like that will make the greatest impact on the tipping point.

    As far as reflecting on what to do going forward, you are in the right direction. With so many suggestions as well as information overload, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Even I fell victim to this. The key is to take a moment to STOP and think.

    The trick is figuring how much to think and then stop thinking (overthinking paralysis). Once you figured out the first problem, get your ass to work immediately and fix that problem, That will give you the chance to connect the dot from the first problem to the second problem.

    That said, did you do something to your site? It looks crisper to me. Hmm… I don’t know what you did but it’s rocking you in the right direction.

    1. Zachary Fenell Post author

      Thanks for the thoughtful feedback Mark. I guess I could’ve worded my Amazon link concerns better. My main things are “Do they distract from the posts?” and “Am I including too many?” If you aren’t growing tired and annoyed by them, I guess I have my answer. Audience is very important as you pointed out. That is why I am trying to implement them in ways that give readers value. For example, reviewing CP related books and writing “Product Recommendations.” On the other note you mention I believe my web hosting company Dreamhost recently upgraded my WordPress. So maybe that’s the difference you are noticing. Or, is it the “WP Accessibility” plugin I added? Either way, thanks for the compliment.

      1. markdeafmcguire

        Okay, do the Amazon ads distract?

        Inside the post itself, no. With a recommended product in the sidebar, on a laptop or desktop, there is a duplicated “appearance” which might lead to confusion. On a phone or tablet, since the sidebar slides (presumably to the bottom after the post) where I don’t think it is an issue.

        That’s where others will have to chime in.

        Are there too many?

        One is all right, two is okay, three might be a tipping point depending on how you tip it. Does this help?

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