Creating One United Disability Community

Creating One United Disability Community

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Did you know the disability community remains the largest minority group in the world? Said fact continuously comes up in disability related Twitter chats I participate in. Yet that reality might come as a surprise. A major reason why involves the many different disability subcategories. Not often do you see one united disability community.

Good news though! You and I possess the power to change the above. Such change already proves in-progress. Thanks to the aforementioned Twitter chats. Without #AXSChat and #CripTheVote I doubt I am blogging about creating one united disability community. They sparked my dialogue on the issue. Important because after all improvement begins with a conversation. So let us talk. Specifically I want to outline three steps to unite the disability community.

Like An Addict

Before you and I can continue, we must agree. A problem subsists. Actually through agreeing you accomplish step one. Admit a problem exists. Like an addict fighting addiction, we need to recognize the trouble.

Frequently you hear disability advocates advocating for “accessibility.” Sounds wonderful, right? Well, at least until you reach details. Recall my past post, “How Can You Make the World More Accessible?” Perchance you never read, take a look.

Fine, fine I understand your time’s valuableness. I will quickly recap the correlating point. Basically I examined how accessibility solutions vary greatly. Problematic since we may solely concentrate on accessibility within our own disability subcategory. Hence rather than asking “How accessible?” I proposed flipping the question. Ask “Accessible how?”

Mental Notes

To ask "How accessible?" concentrates on accessibility for a particular disability subgroup. I instead propose we flip the question around. Ask "Accessible how?"

Asking “Accessible how?” keeps in the mind how accessibility differs for different disabilities.

Once you throw the “Accessible how?” question out, prepare to take notes. Woah, wait! No need to call your aide over. I meant mental notes. Although literal notes maintain their benefits too. However you learn best!

Emphasize learn. Learning marks the second step towards building one united disability community. Gather insights detailing various accessibility solutions. Discover what constitutes accessible to those legally blind, the deaf/hard of hearing community, autistic, the learning disabled, and etcetera.

Now I believe the most certified people to teach the abovementioned include individuals in these subcategories. Personally I formed educational connections participating in the weekly Twitter chat #AXSChat (Tuesdays 3pm ET). Consider joining sometime.

Open the App

Admittedly simply gaining knowledge does little. Similar to how much an un-open app on your phone accomplishes. Usefulness requires opening the app. Appropriate when you realize app abbreviates application. Wish to guess the third step in establishing one united disability community?

Yes! Apply, exactly! Apply what you learn into action. Or put another way, execute. Even small actions add up in the end. For example, in 2016 I began closed captioning my new Youtube videos. Meanwhile I left my archives alone. 66 videos, none with closed captioning. Merely contemplating adding closed captions to 66 videos felt tedious and overwhelming. Ugh!

Nonetheless upon 2017 I decided to revisit my archives to close caption everything. Amazingly 66 videos seemed a lot less daunting when broken down to two videos a day. Determine what small task you can execute daily. Heck, I’ll get you started. Put aside five minutes and download and install the WP Accessibility plugin for your website. You just made your website more accessible to the visually impaired and colorblind. Congratulations!

One United Disability Community in Three Steps

Admit, learn, and apply. Three simple steps to help unite the world’s largest minority group, the disabled community. Admit accessibility obstacles transcend your own disability subcategory. Learn how you can assist in eliminating obstacles. Then apply your new knowledge!

Together we shall solidify into one united disability community. Concluding, I encourage you to contribute your wisdom to the effort. Comment below sharing your disability. Plus name what we can do to increase accessibility for you.

Disability subgroups unite!

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