Recently Stairlifts Reviews named my blog one of the best disability blogs.

Named Among the 100 Best Disability Blogs

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Recently Stairlifts Reviews named the 100 best blogs for disabled people and carers. Among the 100 best disability blogs listed, you will spot my blog. I imagine somewhere five words echoing from Chris Jericho’s mouth.

Indeed Mr. Jericho, I just made the list! Sorry everyone, the wrestling reference proved too tempting. Moving on! No honor feels complete without a long-winded acceptance speech. So here we go.

First, ignore the security guarding the stage. They simply offer a pro-active counter measure. Between Steve Harvey and the Oscars, you never know! I want to ensure nobody takes my award away. Ha, ha! Anyways enough pop culture references. I should probably get serious.

Only As Good As Your Peers

Wisdom from Les Brown- "If you go through life being casual, you will end up a casuality."

I am a motivational junkie, hooked on speakers like Les Brown and Eric Thomas.

Admittedly I am a motivational junkie. Listening to Les Brown, Eric Thomas, and others fuel me. Amidst their different spiels however emerge some common principles. One involves the company you keep. Those you surround yourself with possess an either or impact. Either your company elevates you or holds you back.

Looking over the entire 100 best disability blogs list, I am overwhelmingly flattered. I mean, wow! The company Stairlifts Reviews placed me in remains incredible! Where do I begin? Maybe all-star advocates like Martyn Sibley and Emily Ladau. Perhaps The Mighty, a resource rich with many first-hand voices. Then again how about the highly accomplished Scope, (who you may recognize for their #EndtheAwkward campaign)?


While I could go on touting names on the 100 best disability blogs list, I digress. I believe my point stands. Considering the blogs accompanying mine on this list, only a single sentiment suffices.  I am honored.

“Named Among the 100 Best Disability Blogs, What’s Next?!”

Disney Land, obviously! Apologies, I escaped seriousness once more. Earnestly I intend to continue focusing on what the best bloggers focus on, you the reader.

Honestly I am continuously keeping you in mind when writing new posts. Whenever a topic comes to me, I ask myself a question. “Why would you care?” Answering helps me guarantee I provide you value.

Given the strategy landed me on Stairlifts Reviews’ 100 best disability blogs list, why change? You do not add air to a perfectly inflated tire after all! Nonetheless your direct feedback still benefits me. Therefore I encourage your insights. Tell which subjects you wish me to delve into by commenting. I appreciate the input. You allow me to thrive. Thank you.

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