Sunfrog Shirts- Far From a Ribbiting Experience!

Sunfrog Shirts: Far From a Ribbiting Experience!

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Advocacy comes in many forms. One fun but effective way to advocate involves custom shirts. Wearing the customized gear starts conversations! Although go with the wrong company and the dialogue derails. Enter my warning to AVOID SUNFROG SHIRTS!

Whether organizing a sale or simply looking to add to your wardrobe, stay away from the sunglass wearing frog. Like most posts here, I speak off experience. Initially I chose Sunfrog Shirts to echo my “Normal is a Myth” message. A decision I now regret.

Hopping Emotions

Perhaps I should stop the puns. Humored after all stands a sentiment not listed among how Sunfrog Shirts left me feeling. Originally I felt optimistic. Sunfrog Shirts could fulfill particular preferences I desired.

A company able to handle the various logistics stood a must. Accept payment via their system, produce the attire, and distribute orders. Basically I wanted simplicity. So once I set up the sale, I may shift my attention elsewhere. Beneficial given I am quite ambitious.

Along my quest for keeping the process simple I looked to eliminate any caveats. No required print minimums (selling a certain amount before printing). Forgo any sale deadlines. As an alternative, let the sale remain continuous. Aspects Sunfrog Shirts offers. My optimism evolved into excitement. Little I realized the short lifespan facing my newfound enthusiasm.

Overcast Skies

Extending the imagery the Sunfrog Shirts logo raises, cloud coverage approached fast. Overcast skies smothering sunny days. The metaphorical clouds moved in when I received my personal “Normal is a Myth” purchase.

My original "Normal is a myth" order included a light pink t-shirt and white hoodie.

My initial Sunfrog Shirts “Normal is a Myth” order. The items appear fine until you zoom in on the graphics.

Opening the vibrant colored packaging I unveiled the opposite. Products looking worn due to the garment’s color bleeding through the design. Mistakenly I blamed myself. I reasoned I needed to darken the graphic. Thus I used Sunfrog Shirts’ messaging system and asked if they would darken the image to solve the issue.

To their credit the Sunfrog team replied timely, within under 24 hours. Yet the positives ended there. Their response saying they cannot make alterations to uploaded designs. Rather I am mandated to delete the first design, darken myself, and upload the update. While informative, the reply lacked helpfulness. Two words summarized my frustration. “Okay, how?!”

Following a deep breath I wrote Sunfrog Shirts back, expressing specific inquiries. My questions resembled an interview. Thankfully I possess a background interviewing people.

What reassurances can you give me to ensure the newly uploaded design won’t have the same issue? Are there certain guidelines you can advise me to follow? I took the design I had uploaded and turned down the brightness to -100. Will that do? Is there another option I should tinker with? Could after I upload the newly darkened design, someone from the Sunfrog team call me and confirm the bleeding issue has been taken care of?

Courtesy my pointed questioning progress seemed forthcoming. Emphasize “seemed.” Sunfrog Shirts’ art team reassured me the adjusted design “looks good to go.” Wanting visual confirmation I began preparing to exchange my purchase. A logical next step made nonsensical thanks to Sunfrog Shirts’ exchange policy.

The highlighted sections make Sunfrog Shirts' exchange policy nonsensical.

Highlights in the above screen shot spotlights two counterproductive stipulations. Exchanging meant returning my original order which COSTS ME shipping and handling. An expense DOUBLED when Sunfrog Shirts sends me my exchanged goods on MY DIME.

Considering my purchase included a hoodie, the math added up. Financially the wiser scenario proved just buying a new t-shirt. Naturally I pursued the more sensible route. Hope simmered I might second Sunfrog Shirts’ art team opinion and deem my sale “good to go.”


Probably you can deduce the darkened design failed to please me. I mean I am recommending you AVOID Sunfrog Shirts. Instead the only takeaway I garnered relates to the priority every shirt sale best address, QUALITY goods!

A side by side comparison showing the difference in quality between Sunfrog Shirts and Customink Fundraising.

Judge for yourself the print quality difference between Sunfrog Shirts and Customink.

Quality focused I departed Sunfrog Shirts. Knowing Customink Fundraising (formerly Booster) produce top notch shirts I opted to sell my “Normal is a Myth” shirts per them. Nonetheless the stink radiated formerly selecting Sunfrog Shirts still lingers.

Unfortunately a sale processed prior to the quality concerns emerging. Despite money rightfully mine, I am unable to obtain. To attain payout Sunfrog Shirts policy dictates meeting a $50 threshold. A possible result to procure perchance I used affiliated links to sell other gear Sunfrog Shirts users designed.

However, I refuse to risk my reputation. Since I lack confidence in Sunfrog Shirts’ shirt quality, I am unable in good consciousness to promote their goods. A situation I explained to the Sunfrog team in a message requesting exemption to the $50 threshold payout rule.

Opposed to making an effort to remedy my disappointing occurrences, the Sunfrog team merely claimed to “understand” my point. Empty sentiments! Words without action equal meaningless. No apology or reassurances my experiences serve atypical compared to usual Sunfrog transactions. Even less attempt to grant an exemption and pay me.

Fighting over $10 seems ridiculous. Conversely, the value lay amidst principle. Proper customer service fuels business. I sought to bring my personal business and my customers’ business to Sunfrog Shirts. They showed themselves circa their inaction unworthy to such trust.


I am eager to tell anyone contemplating advocating through custom shirts to AVOID SUNFROG SHIRTS! The company delivers worn looking products. Eventually though, their lackluster shirt quality becomes overshadowed by a greater flaw. Uninspiring customer service!

Whether the nonsensical exchange policy, frustrating Sunfrog team responses, or inaction to solve problems, Sunfrog Shirts customer service exists dire. You certainly deserve better. Prevent derailing the conversation you wish to start. Avoid Sunfrog Shirts!

*Disclaimer- I solely based my review for Sunfrog Shirts on my poor experiences with the company. Happenstance you possess different dealings with Sunfrog Shirts please share via a comment below.  

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