Using in-depth analysis factoring in views, likes, and comments Zachary Fenell counts down his best in 2017, according to you!

My Best in 2017: According to You!

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Before starting a New Year a person proves wise to reflect back upon the previous 365 days. Perhaps that explains all the “best in 2017” posts surfacing recently. Such reflection offers multiple benefits. You understand what worked for you in the year, better positioning yourself as you approach the future. Acknowledging accomplishments provides reassurance and motivation amidst other positive sentiments. At the very least a best in 2017 summary helps you avoid overlooking any stories from the previous 12 months.

Among the aforementioned the last benefit really resonates with me. Without reading The Star Press’ “Stories From 2017 That Made Us Smile,” I miss this news piece about high school student Brady Edwards. Through determination and his parents’ no excuse mentality Brady rose to significant role on his high school’s varsity football team.  The Edwards’ parenting and Brady’s mindset supplies much to consider.

Ideally I like to think I also stimulate thoughtfulness with content I publish. Both here blogging and additionally the weekly videos you will find posted to my Youtube channel. Admittedly videos can wind up easily missed. They require more attention to consume, thus easier to put off to later. Yet “later” fails to come. Hence I wanted to compile the following highlighting my best in 2017.

Now while the proceeding spotlights my best, know I am not the judge. Rather I am merely your messenger. Your actions built the list. An in-depth analysis examining your views, likes, and comments decided the rankings. So minus further ado, let us reveal my best in 2017 according to you!

#5 “Why I Stopped Listing My Disability On My Online Dating Profile”

If going strictly by the view counter, “Why I Stopped Listing My Disability On My Online Dating Profile” would wind up cut. Enter the importance behind likes and comments. Your engagement indicates you value the subject matter covered. Those who commented offering their experiences with online dating cemented the video’s place within my best in 2017.

#4-“Kindle Fire Accessibility Reading Tutorial”

2017 saw me attempt my first video tutorial, exploring the Kindle Fire’s accessible reading options. A task I infer I successfully accomplished given the views and likes accumulated. You may even recall the tutorial since I incorporated the video into my Kindle Fire product recommendation.

#3- “Cerebral Palsy at 30 Years Old”

Your desire to attain information regarding aging with cerebral palsy surfaced throughout 2017. Then resurfaced again and again! Evident in-part by “Cerebral Palsy at 30 Years Old” garnering consistent new views and more likes than usual.


#2- “Cerebral Palsy Life Hack: Avoid Untying Shoes”

Similar to “Kindle Fire Accessibility Reading Options,” views and likes alike lands “Cerebral Palsy Life Hack: Avoid Untying Shoes” amid my best in 2017. Although when you contemplate the situation, the fact seems unsurprising. I mean, life hacks intrigue.

#1- “Combatting Cerebral Palsy Fatigue”         

A theme emerges up top my best in 2017 list, helpful tricks. In my video “Combatting Cerebral Palsy Fatigue” I suggest ways to fight fatigue. Between views, likes, and comments the Youtube video becomes undeniably the best video I produced in 2017, in your collective opinion!

Keep Speaking

Albeit views, likes, and comments on Youtube videos or blog comments and social media shares, your actions speak. As I believe this best in 2017 list shows, I am listening. Therefore keep speaking. My ultimate goal continuously stands to bring value to your life.

Happy New Year!

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