Get practical tips for making your home accessible courtesy Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators's infographic "How to Make Your House Handicap Accessible."

Making Your Home Accessible (Infographic Included)

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No place remain more sacred than home. Safe, secure, and relaxed describe how you should feel within said walls. Sadly, multiple factors can jeopardize such sentiments. For example living with cerebral palsy or another physical disability, obstacles may present themselves around your living quarters. Enter the importance behind making your home accessible.

Sounds excellent, right? Make your home accessible! Nonetheless alongside the task comes an equally important question. How? What exactly does an accessible home look like? Okay, that technically makes two questions. Nevertheless the point stands.

Frequently you and I use the word “accessible.” If we skip past clarifying details, the term becomes a mere buzzword. Saying “accessible” triggers emotion, but simultaneously lacks any real substance. Demanding to make homes accessible leaves new special needs parents directionless, without the steps to actually make their home accessible.

Thankfully Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators (PVE) LLC decided to do everyone inside the disability community a favor. The Florida based company provides residential elevators worldwide across five different continents. Recently they researched and compiled together into an easy to read infographic, practical advice on making your home accessible.

Actually Making Your Home Accessible

Initially you might balk and exclaim “I cannot afford to install an elevator in my house!” Here lays a surprise. Making your home accessible extends beyond the big ticket items, albeit installing an elevator, wheelchair ramp, and etcetera. Fact supported by PVE’s aforementioned infographic.

To demonstrate, under the “Kitchen” section you will spot the tip “Put everyday items in lower cabinets.” So obvious, yes! Yet I could see many families overlook this trick.

Similarly advice listed underneath the “Flooring” area reads “Avoid using throw rugs because they hinder accessibility.” I myself tripped over enough throw rugs throughout the years to shout “Amen!”

Most definitely, I am able to continue recounting tidbits listed. To the extent my post would basically echo PVE’s infographic. Therefore I seem better off just directly sharing. An opportunity I am happy to seize! Thank you Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators's infographic on how to make your home accessible.

Taking Action

What tip(s) standout to you? Which ones will you implement? Do you possess advice on making your home accessible that you did not see above? Share in the “Comments” section below.

Until next time, remember. Do not blend in. Blend out!


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