Catching up with readers after an exciting start to 2019!

Catching Up (February 2019 Update)

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To risk sounding old by using a dated reference, WASSUP?! Seriously though, how goes everything? I thought you and I could use today’s post to do some catching up. Similar to the way you might catch up with long-time friends over a bite to eat. Hopefully you consider me like a friend, ha.

Personally, I possess enough going on to stay busy and still face an unfinished to-do list! Consequently I never mentioned here certain exciting developments. Well, at least until now! So, shall we start catching up?

Grappling the Madness, Ooh Yeah!

Given March’s designation as Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, the call for awareness proves the strongest around this time a year. Although, I myself know no bounds to fight the madness CP related misconceptions create. Year round I am blogging, publishing Youtube videos, and advocating in other ways.

One particular method which makes me beam proudly involves my ongoing Youtube impressions series. Whether I am adding a CP twist to Batman, Eminem, whoever! There stands the unique opportunity to intrigue those outside the cerebral palsy community and introduce them to CP. Truly spreading cerebral palsy awareness!

Such a breakthrough occurred lately. Wrestling content creator Adam Rotella aired during his podcast Ten Pounds of Podcast my latest impression video, “If ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage had cerebral palsy…” OOH YEAH!

Hitting the Big Screen

Beyond directly connecting to viewers via Youtube, filming videos has made me comfortable talking while the camera’s red light remains lit. The familiarity proved helpful when I found myself looking into director Stephon J. Davis’ camera. I am featured within his suicide prevention documentary A Tale of Two Mothers.

Losing a good friend to suicide, I am keenly aware the confusion, guilt, and devastation the act triggers. Furthermore, I am sensitive to the cerebral palsy community’s vulnerability to the matter. CP may leave you feeling alone or lesser than, tempting you to end your life. Discussing the issue greatly helps to ward off the temptation.

A Tale of Two Mothers provides an excellent conversation starter. A dialogue I experienced firsthand following the premiere screening September 29th, 2018. Coventry Library hosted a community screening January 24th, 2019. Additionally DVD and Blu-Ray versions alongside a corresponding 25-page discussion guide remain available to universities, non-profit organizations, libraries and k-12 schools. Checkout A Tale of Two Mothers’ website to learn more.                          

“A Tale of Two Mothers” Documentary Trailer from Stephon J. Davis on Vimeo.

Their Words, Not Mine!

Ideally A Tale of Two Mothers garners much interest because the film holds the potential to move many. Making a positive difference! An objective I also continuously strive to achieve. Apparently successfully too considering Port Skipper recently named my blog (yes, this blog) among “13 Inspirational Blogs for Travelling with Disabilities.”

Regarding why Port Skipper selected my blog, they explained in-part,

“Articles are honest, insightful and touching at times as he covers topics such as developing a great support system and finding hope even in the worst situations. The great thing about this blog is that the energy is contagious, so if you hadn’t previously thought about planning to sign up for a half-marathon or travel the world, you’ll probably want to do so after reading through some of the articles here.”

What kind words! If I tried expressing my gratitude, I would unravel repeating thank you after thank you. Therefore allow me to offer a single giant “THANK YOU!”

Catching Up with You!

Beginning today’s post I shared my intention to catch up with you. Catching up however entails a two-sided conversation. Yet to this point I keep talking about me. I made mention Adam Rotella featured my “Macho Man” Randy Savage impersonation on his Ten Pounds of Podcast. Plus I shared my role in the suicide prevention documentary A Tale of Two Mothers and recent recognition among “13 Inspirational Blogs for Travelling with Disabilities.”

Enough! Time I shut up and let you talk. Comment below and update me on your life. Good catching up!

Until next time, remember. Do not blend in. Blend out!


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